Dr Says Not Pregnant But Think I Am

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Marie - April 15

I want to know if anyone else has experienced this. I am still having periods, but the have been shorter and lighter each month since Jan. Since two wks after ovulation in Feb., I have been urinating more often, very tired, mild nausea on and off, mild abdominal cramps (which come and go), br___ts are heavier and slightly larger , dark veins everywhere on my upper body and thighs, spider veins on legs, more cm than normal, no ovulation since Feb., and abdominal swelling (not fat because I only gained 2 pounds and not gas as it is solid to the touch and has been getting larger.) All urine tests have been neg. Obgyn did pelvic exam when I would have been 10 wks, and said I was not pregnant, but couldn't give me a reason for the symtoms. I can find nothing in medical books that describes my symptoms except pregnancy. Has anyone else had this happen and been pregnant? Do you think I should see a different OBGYN?


Kerri - April 15

Hi Marie, I've had almost the exact thing happen to me with the exception of not as much cm and not as many veins. I had a urine test which my Mom dropped off to my doc and it was tested for a bladder infection rather than pregnancy (I didn't want my Mom to know it was for a pregnancy test because I wanted to surprise her if I was and called the doc's office and told them I wanted a pregnancy urine test done) and when I asked to see an Obgyn he gave me a pap smear? Is that not ridiculous or what? All tests that I have done so far have been neg too. The only thing that I can figure out is pregnancy as well as my pants are getting tighter and my hubby noticed my bbs have gotten bigger which is good for me because I'm very small to begin with LOL. Let me know if you find out anything. Hopefully one of us will find out something soon. Baby dust to you!!!


Jamie - April 15

hey girls i read a post in the pregnancy test forum about a girl who went through the exact same thing you guys are going through, she had all neg. pee and blood tests. it took her i think 4 or 5 months to finally find out she was pregnant if you would like to read the post i think its t_tled 7 weeks late and still negative tests. good luck and baby dust to you both!


Jo - April 15

Hey girls, I've had the same things going on ... just had an exam done and a blood hcg test today... MD says nope... but my body still seems to be saying yes. I'd like to talk to someone going through the same thing.... [email protected]


Lynn - April 16

Hey Jo. At about how many weeks would you have been when you went to the dr? And was it the quant_tative blood test?



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