Drano Test

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Melissa - April 17

ok could not remember which thread I was on when I posted this, You can tell what you are having with drano crystals only! Directions: Your fist urine in the morning, pee in a GLASS jar, Take it outside, it will smoke alot and stink, and put 1tsp of the drano CRYSTALS in the jar and if it turns brown it is a girl and blue it is a boy. I have never known this to be wrong. Make sure you pee in the jar first as it will burn you butt if you put the crystals in there first. Good luck and let me know. Compare it to your sono.


Melissa S. - April 17

Thank you so much for responding. I will definatley try it and let you know.


curious - April 17

Can you do this if you are not sure you are pregnant? I mean-would it change color if your not pregnant?


Melissa - April 17

not sure what would happen if your not preggo, but I think my mom said that you need to be at least 8 weeks. I will ask how soon you can do the test and it be accurate.


Melissa - April 17

Let me know what the results are!


Melissa - April 17

Oh, you are the one with twins, right, I lost one twin when I was 9 weeks along and they think it was probley a girl since the drano showed I was having a girl. Not really sure what it would do if you are having a boy and girl. Just let us know.


bump - April 20



woundering if anyone has done - April 20

woundering if anyone has done this


courious - April 22

just courious if anyone that is pregant has tried this???? I have heard of it, but have not gotten preggers to try. Please let me know so if and when I get preggers, I can do this.


K - April 23

Curious - if you aren't pregnant, could you try the test and tell us if the colours change for you? It's the scientist in me - control samples and all that ;-)


Jen - April 23

I tried the drano test today! I feel so preg and I just feel that it is a boy! I needed something to humor me since all my test keep coming back neg. I peed about 1/2 inch up, in a gla__s cup and took it out side and then quickly poured in about the same amount of drano crystals and then ran back into the safety of my house and looked out my gla__s doors. It was very interesting. It was blue on the top right away. Fumes kept flying up probably for about ten minutes. Then they stopped and I was able to pour the rest down the toilet and throw the gla__s away in a dumpster. It foamed bluish-green and was blue-green at the end. So if I am pregnant than I will have a boy. Green-brown supposedly means girl. But seeing that all my test have been big fat negatives, than I guess blue-green may also mean you are not pregnant. So, I'm back to waiting, but it was fun. Just be careful if you try it. I read one girl did it during a baby shower in the bathroom with a paper cup and the fumes got her sick, she dropped the cup in the sink and everyone had to clear the house. When they returned the fumes had eaten through the cup. I also read that one lady tried to pee on the crystals over the toilet and it exploded! So I say if you want to try, pee in a gla__s cup first, just a little, than take it outside and quickly pour a little bit of crystals into it and run back inside to watch the show! Don't go back out until the fumes have stopped and then still be careful when dumping the remainder down the toilet and disposing of the gla__s, outdoors! Good luck!



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