Dreams About Postive Pregnancy Tests

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Shelly - April 24

I had a dream last night that I had a positive pregnancy test. It was very vivid and I can clearly remember looking down and seeing two lines as if I was holding it in my hand. Has anyone else been having dreams like this and if so did you find out afterwards that you were pregnant??


Stacy B. - April 25

Shelly, I had a dream that I got a positive on my test. I'm not sure how spiritual you are, but I wanted to share my experience with you. I ask God last week to show me in a dream if I were pregnant or not and he showed me that I was. Having dreams is one of my gifts from God and he shows me things through dreams. I'm clearly not a psychic nor am I trying to be, but I did have a dream that I was and I know that I am. For those of you who may have a problem with what I've shared please refrain from rude comments. Thanks, Stacy B.


Shelly - April 25

Thank you for your response...it was moving : )


Stacy B. - April 25

It's possible that you may be pregnant too!! When are you do for your af?


Alison - April 25

Stacy B. your post was lovely- a friend of ours from church says she has had a few dreams that I will be pregnant soon and this time will carry to full term (I've had 2 miscarriages) Also a friend of my mother-in-law's from her church said he had a vision of me holding a baby in my arms by next year. (he's never even met me! apparently he has visions alot) so I find these things encouraging. Recently I had a dream (very vivid) that a colleague who recently had a baby came in to visit and show off her baby and the next day it happened just like in my dream. I felt it was like a warning to prepare me as I was having a rough week. xxx


Stacy B. - April 25

Allison, Dreams may be your gift as well. With faith I believe you will become pregnant. About a month ago I had a dream that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy...he was so beautiful in my dream that I began to cry. My husband's name starts with a B and in my dream I named him a name that started with a B. I wanted to share this dream I had, but I didn't want to get any negative feedback, but I'm thankful to Shelly for breaking the ice. We will all be pregnant. The key thing to becoming pregnant outside of the natural, is FAITH! You have to believe within your heart that you will conceive! Many people tried to discourage me that I wasn't pregnant because of my dream, but I ask GOD to show me if I was and that's what he did. I don't need any more confirmation than that. Many blessings to you all that read this. Allison when are due for af? Sorry so long...lol


Alison - April 25

Thanks Stacy, your dream sounds lovely. The closest I've come to dreaming about my own baby to come is 1) I dreamt that I was in the house & DH was on phone saying he was on his way home from work. I came off the phone and headed towards the kitchen to get tea ready and as I did I glanced upstairs and saw the room at the top of our stairs with a cot and everything in it. It was in darkness with the door open as if a baby was asleep in there. 2) I dreamt I was sitting in my parents living room, holding a baby and speaking to my dad. These were both recently. I hope they do come true so much. Sometimes I find it so hard especially as so many (and I mean heaps!) of people we know are having babies all around us-but in my heart I believe God will bless us with a baby. (Psalm 128) Anyway I'm going on a bit! I am due AF any day now. Cycles vary between 27-28 days though last month was 25 days. Unfortunately I have a cyst on my right ovary just now (waiting to get scanned) but am still remaining hopeful for this month anyway! Thanks again for sharing :o) xxx


Stacy W. - April 25

Allison, Remember you have to have Faith!!


~Paige - April 25

I had a dream last week that i was taking a pregnancy test and it came back positive but i dont knwo if it means anything and then a few days ago this girl (shes like 12) wanted to see if she could see my future and said that she saw me holding a baby boy in a hospitial bed I know that was probably gofing off but i dont knwo about my dream


* Marie * - April 25

Wow! All these dreams and visions! I think its beautiful God is reaching out to you ladies in this way! We're TTC and I'm interested to see if I'll get any visions or dreams when my time comes! Best of luck to you beautiful women!


Stacy W. - April 25

To All: I know that you all will conceive in due time if you just keep the Faith. I can't stress enough how important it is to have Faith while trying to conceive and continue the faith throughout life. Some ladies may not get a vision or a dream, they just may conceive.


Becky - April 27

I had a dream last night that I was holding my little girl... she was a few months old and SO cute... then later on in the dream she was a few years old and I was taking her to a dance recital. I am not pg yet (that I know of... hoping I am, but no +ives yet), and this is the first time I have acually dreampt of my child... I have dreampt of pos tests twice before. We have two names chosen for a girl and in my dream she kept switching b/w the names.


Lisa - April 27

My dream experience was two months ago when I was 8 days late. I drempt that I had a baby kicking inside of me. I have never been pregnant but I felt it as if it were real. Unfortunatly, this dream turned out not true because I got my period 2 days later. I'm hoping to feel this in reality sometime very soon though.


Melissa - April 27

This is so weird that this was brought up. I was 3 weeks late and after the 1 week I had two positive test, had blood test, it was negative, and dr said my uterus was not soft so he did not think I was pregant, well finally got a/f three weeks late, but it was different, very red and kinda like water. Had a couple of clots, this never happens to me, and they usually last longer and slowly stop, this one did not last as long and suddenly stoped. Last night, I felt like something was kicking me in my sleep and now remember a dream I had, i saw a + test but then saw a - test, then the dr said I wasn't, but come to find out, I was and was really far along. Sorry to ramble, it was just weird that i see this post and had that dream last night. CRAZY. I do have dreams alot and they do come true. Good Luck to all who is TTC!


Julz - April 27

Yes, well I didn't dream about the test per se, but I dreamt that I had another baby. We were comparing the new baby to my youngest child that is now 7 months old.We were commenting on how we couldn't believe how much she has grown and they looked identical.


Maria - April 27

Hi ladies, I just have to say that these are all such beautiful stories. They made me get chills. It really made me think, no matter how much I want another now, only god can control it, and he'll give me another one when the time is right. Thank you so much for reminding me of that. I've gotten so caught up in ttc and I just miscarried that I forgot to JUST HAVE FAITH. After coming here I now have a whole new outlook on it all. Thank you again, good luck and god bless you all.


QaniyaF - October 27

Hi ladies, I am very new to this so I do not know how I should start this off, but here goes nothing. I have been having dreams for the past three months about a baby, but my partner is not ready for a family yet. Now suddenly last night I had a dream about going to my doctor and being told that I was pregnant, but also in the dream my dearest friend and family memeber shook their head at me which sent me on my path home alone. I am not sure how I should think about these dreams or even if I should. I want to be a mother, but the differences with my partner makes it hard for those wishes to come true. Does anyone have any advice for me?



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