Dreams About Pregancy Test Part 2

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Faithful woman - April 25

Sorry Sh__ly, i didn't mean to steal ur thread, i just wanted to share and ask something under urs, but this system won't let me so i have to start a new one. This is for Stacy B, thx for sharing ur story. I am a firm Beleiver and i have the same gift as u , God always speaks to me this way, and i know when i dream it is for a reason. I am not a psychic either and don't wish to be one either. But i know my dreams often mean something ,God also reveals me some things that will happen in the future sometimes. Anyway. I had vivid dream about pregnancy tests too ( positives) .I asked him too if i was pregnant to show it to me in a dream, and somehow i test positive , i see the lines on the tests and everything, i was holding my twins. But in real life i test -ve and i have weird periods, but i feel flutters and my belly is growing. And this is what God had told me the day b4 i went to see my doc ( who wont take me seriously )he told me to beleive in his power! So i beleive i am pregnant and God is surpassing the science & will shut the docs up ! LOL Sorry it was too long, but i had to share this. I'll let u know the outcome!


Stacy B. - April 25

Faithful Woman, It is so refreshing to me that many people have experienced the same as I have. I'm happy to hear that you are a firm beliver in faith. Without Faith nothing is possible. I've always had faith, but I'm so happy that I have more. People tend to think I'm crazy sometimes when I tell them that God revealed something to me in a dream. I've learned not to share my dreams because people don't understand, which they aren't suppose to understand because it's MY DREAM and that's why God gave it to me! In my dream I left the hpt in the bathroom at work and someone found it and sent an e-mail out across the floor asking, "Who left their hpt in the bathroom that reads positive!"



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