Drinking And Fertility

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Tina G. - November 12

Do any of you drink socially on a regular basis? I know it's not good to do while you are ttc, but I drink on the weekends, and was having a few during the week. I have read that it can contribute to fertility issues. In the male it can decline it by 40%. Dh and I are not drinking anymore during the week and just socially on the weekends now. I am doing everything else right. So, anyway my question is .. any of you who have gotten pregnant, were you drinking at the time ?? Thanks


bump - November 12



No - November 12

Hi Tina. We both figured that having a baby was far more important to us than our weekend or weekday drinks, so we locked it all in a cabinet from the moment we decided to TTC. Also, when you do get pregnant, it will be good practice! Good luck.


Deb - November 12

I had a few drinks here and there for the first few months of ttc. The month I got pregnant, though, I didn't have any drinks at all, so I think it is true. If you want to get pregnant, don't drink at all. I have heard it can interfere with your LH surge and ovulation and it can affect a mans sperm. So you need to decide what is more important right now.


b - November 12



Hey - November 13

That's when most pregnancies happen, we both are drunk...ha ha


Monique - November 13

Both times I conceived,dh & I were drinking like 3-4 days a week. And we both smoke--which they say decreases fertility. I truly believe NOW (after ttc for so long), it happens when and if it's supposed to happen. I just kept thinking crack heads/heroin addicts get pregnant everyday!!! Don't get me wrong, being healthy is GREAT but still.....


Tina G. - November 13

Thanks for the input Monique. I know what you mean about the crack heads.. that just trips me out !!! How long did it take you to conceive ???


sian - November 13

hi there my little girl was concieved when i was 19 and partying all the time and by my dates with her i was definately drunk now i am 24 and trying to concieve again i cant believe how easy it was before and now i dont have a clue ! good luck


ahava uk - November 13

I was pregnant once before, and drank alcohol. Infact ...i dont think it makes a d__n difference...only when u find out yu are pregnant, is the time to stop. However im not advocating heavy drinking, but maybe a beer or so,,I m trying to get preggers now, and just relaxing,,,if it means a lager after my dinner so be it..


Word ! - November 13

I agree, the less stress the better !!



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