Drop In Temps But Turned Out To Be Pregnant

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Shay - February 2

Guess I'm probably grasping for straws and driving myself more insane. But, has anyone ever had a drop in temps but still ended up pregnant? I keep hearing temps are supposed to continue to rise. I'm on CD 31 (13 DPO) and have been experiencing brown spotting for 4 days (10 DPO - 13 DPO). Temp dipped by .3 degrees today from yesterday, so should signify AF on her way. Still spotting brown. Did experience one instance (on TP) of red/dark pink blood on 10, 11 & 12 DPO, but only once each day and then returned to brown discharge. It is normal for me to spot brown a few days before AF finally arrives, but the red/dark pink a few times prior to AF actually arriving is odd for me. So, I guess I'm grasping for straws with the slight temp dip, but just thought I'd see if there are any positive stories involving temp dips out there. Thanks and good luck to everyone!


AmandaMoo - February 2

I am curious about this too. My temps dropped for 2 days and then went back up to post O temps. I am not due for af until Monday-Tuesday. My temp dipped .6 and the went back up 2 days later.


amyn - February 2

I've read from other ladies on here that a temp dip then rise again indicated implantation of the embryo. Good luck


AmandaMoo - February 2

I hope so! I am trying not to get excited.


Lin - February 3

I had two temp dips this last month, one 0.3F dip and one 0.4F dip, and they didn't mean anything. Have a looksy at the January chart here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/lin


AmandaMoo - February 3

I think that I may have just O'd. My temp was 98.3 on Monday, 98.0 on Tues, and then up to 98.8 today (Fri). I did bd on Tues just in case. Hmmm....I must have had a temperature last week after my trip. My body must still be regulating.


DJ - February 3

I just got my BFP - 4 days early and I'm still temping and my temperatures did drop. Never below the coverline but they did fluctuate. Some times I'm freezing - other times I'm really hot. I temp the same times every day


dallas.nicole - July 28

I'm sort of in the same boat. I took a FRER at 9dpo (early I know but I have bloodwork in a week to test for auto-immune and blood clotting disorders and need to know if I'm pregnant beforehand because it will affect the results) I usually hang out around 97.3 but today it dropped to 96.9 (very low for me) and I'm 10dpo now.. kind of late to be having such a drastic dip you'd think? 9dpo bfn 10dpo dip. Idk what to make of it. I realize this thread is like 5 years old so I'm wondering how many of you have a child starting preschool this year ;) I'm sure AF is on her merry little way, in fact I've never been more sure of it lol, just can't grasp this dip! Shay! What were your results! I'm so curious!


TTCx - March 8

Hi Shay- I just wanted to follow up and see what your result was. Your patterns are almost exactly the same as mine, down to the days! I'd love to know if you ended up with a BFP. I hope you are doing well!!



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