Dry During Sex

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chrissy - May 11

when you were pregnant did you get dry during s_x and have some pain? Lately I have been expriencing that. Usually I am always wet during s_x and it never hurts. Now being on top feels the least painful.


Jennifer - May 12

I can't answer you as far as pregnancy goes, since I've never been, but I am currently waiting for my period, which is late and I've noticed the same thing you mentioned the past couple of days, so now I'm starting to wonder. I was hoping it wasn't an infection. But I did notice that I was very red down there the other day...it seems to be getting better, of course, my CM is starting to come back...are you pregnant or just wondering like me? :) Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - May 12

This does seem to be a complaint for some in early pregnancy. Use Astroglide or KY Jelly from the same counter as the condoms.


kate - May 16

yeah---i have been dry lately--then at one point it feels wetter. does anyone knew if you can be dry and be pregnant or does pregnancy just bring wetness ?


jena - May 16

i'm 11 weeks and have had the same experience.


Jennifer - May 16

I took a First Response this morning and there were 2 very bold lines!!! I'm going to test again tomorrow to confirm it and then I will call the doctor! I'm so excited!


J - May 16

Jennifer, so you were very dry? What other symptoms did you have? Just curious I am waiting for my period as well.


kim - May 17

yeah-jennifer---give us some of your early symptoms!!! good luck !!!


Jennifer - May 17

Well, I've had really strange period since I've gotten married (June 2004) so I guess my cycles were changing anyhow. It's really hard to say what my symptoms were because there were many times I thought I was pregnant and I wasn't but I've "felt" pregnant since the end of March when my stomach started to poof out. I already had a pooch, but it suddenly seemed a little bigger. I had a very light period in April...might have been implantation then, don't know yet. I have an appointment tomorrow morning. :) So I could be at least 8 weeks along, if I conceived in March, maybe more. I've also had sore b___bs off and on for the last several months, but I guess it was just PMS. But this month, it didn't go away and I did miss my period for once. I just had some pink when I wiped. I haven't really had any "morning sickness," just some mild nausea off and on.


Jennifer - May 17

Oh yeah, I was very dry about a week ago and it kinda burned after s_x and when I went to the bathroom. But now that all seems to have cleared up. I'm still a little tender and I would have the pink discharge the morning after s_x, so we've been cutting back to every couple of days. Now the discharge seems to be gone.


Jen - May 17

Congrats Jennifer. Strange, last night I noticed I was dry too, I completely forgot till I read all these posts. My period is due tomorrow but we'll see. Please let us know how the doctor appt goes. Which test did you use?


Paula - May 17

Well when I was prego with my daughter I was dry for the entire 9 months. If my dh and I had bd it was painful. It also felt like my insides were coming out. I had to use lubricants for comfort. Hope that helps.


Jennifer - May 17

I used First Response. I took another one this morning just to confirm it and there were again, 2 BOLD lines! :)


kate - May 18




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