Dry Eyes

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Michele - January 28

The last time I was pregnant, I noticed that my eyes were so dry. As if sand was growing out of my eyes! I'm not due for my period until the 7th, as I know it's a bit early to pose the questions, but I really do wonder if I am pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been searching the net all day for pregnancy signs and I have found zero about dry eyes.


saralee - February 7

hi, i just posted about gritty eyes and contact lenses. basically in both my pregnancies i had very sore gritty eyes and had to go back to gla__ses.My optician said it was very common. Thethink is i am in the 2ww and today my eyes feel sore and gritty. thing is i cannot remember is i had this early so early. i have stomach cramps and feel sick but that may be case i am anxious. my nipples also feel very slightly tingly but nothing really that noticeable. i also feel very heavy and throbbing in my pelvic area. and that i an bloated all the time and need to pee more. also a stabbing pain comes and goes . AF is not due until 17 feb . but i am hoping these are good signs. Did your AF arrive?


La Rae - February 7

Saralee - My af is due around the 17th/18th - same as yours. I have felt a throbbing sensation 'down there' off and on since yesterday. My cycle is 26 days - and I ovulated on the 5th. My b___bs feel heavy, and slightly 'itchy' around the nipples - do yours feel this way? Also, last night when I went to bed they felt 'very' heavy....let's wait this out together! Good luck to you!


La Rae - forgot to mention.... - February 7

that I wear contacts. My eyes feel dry - but I can't honestly say if they feel 'drier' than usual. I'll keep you posted if I notice any changes with that....


saralee - February 7

La Rae - this is the first time ttc after bc so i am sketchy about my cycle. I use OPKs which came up positive on the 1st and 2nd,on 3rd it was not clear (but i was using a strip test and not the midstream i had used before not sure if reading it right ) had heavy feeling since the second. guess we will both have to play the waiting game and see what happens . good luck!


SugarPie - February 7

Michele: I totally understand what you're saying. I've been experiencing that for the past month. There's more burning going on in my eyes than anything, but absolutely... the tear ducts definitely feel like they've dried up!



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