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Livvie - April 10

Hey, its Livvie again...one other thing I forgot to emphasize is that I have a bad case of dry mouth, especially at night, as well as dry lips...what about u guys?


stacey - April 10

haven't really thought about it..lips were extra dry today (as are my feet recently, but that's not what you're asking :) They say you crave water...ahh, this is terrible for us huh? :) Can't wait until we know!!


AmyF - April 10

Actually, you reminded me that yesterday I couldn't keep away from the water. Hmmmmm.


Jena - April 10

YES - I keep saying, "I'm partched" to my hubby and he makes fun of me :)


stacey - April 11

Livvie anything going on today?


to livvie - April 11

Put a gla__s of water by your bed and wear chapstick.


Livvie - April 11

yes. i do put the water by my bed and i do wear the lip moisturizer, and my lips suck it right up. hey stacey...well today i have that disharge again, on and off...and last night a lot of saliva. i was talking with my mom though. she said she always had a hormone imbalance and she don't think I am cause I was not trying. she said she sometimes would think she was, every month, because the hormones caused her to think so. she also said though, when she was preggers with me (24 yrs ago and my sister, 11 years ago...she "just knew", cause she was sick like a dog. i dunno. she may be right, and thats okay because there are a lot of things I would like to get done and I would ttc next year. but if I am than, that's a blessing and I would make it work. it seems that i i got excited even though I know this is not the 'ideal' time-per se. my af is due in a few days, but that, for me, is not a good indicator, seeing it as my periods are always out of whack in a sense. so i am jus sorta playin it by ear for now, and i plan to take an hpt by the end of this week. to be honest though, even if it is -, i may still think I 'can' be. Haha, after all this reading I think it may end up (now or a year or two from now) being very hard to tell. but you, stacey, and all the other nice women here trying, will definately succeed. if not now, it will happen soon. keep yur head up girl and I will keep u posted. also, how are u feelin?Baby-dust to you***


stacey - April 11

Feel the same, backaches, belly somethings, high temps (notice the belly is more -moving or poking whatever after I eat- who knows. I'll also test at end of the week, if af doesn't show, but taking it one day at a time!


To Stacey - April 11

Hey its Liv...after I eat I get the tummy growls (as I am eating actually).


stacey - April 11

Had my hubby do a b___b check tonight- we both def. see more mt's, and veins..also think aerola's are darkeer and in general b___bs seem heavier. Just had yoga and now have heartburn. If I am not pregnant, something is wrong- or I am making my bosy think these things (which possibly could be).


to stacey - April 11

Hey Stace...I think you have some good signs...and if u are not this month, that does not mean n e thing is wrong cause it is just being anxious and hormones....it can happen. From what my mom says and things I have read I dont think Ill ever truly know when I am preggers. Just gotta go with it. It will happen....Much Baby Dust your way....******


Livvie - April 11

oops I forgot to say it was from me....well, the other day my coworker said when she was preggers with both her sons she had the veins in the same exact spot I have them. On bottom of areola, shaped like and upside down U and top of areola as well. How funny is that. Well n e ways my mom convinced me that I am not preggers saying that it is my hormones cause I wasn't even "trying"...and she has a point, although my body is def. changed these past few weeks...but I got thinkin and I know now more than ever that if I wasn't preg. that I will be careful not to her preggers for a lil while and finish up school, get into the BOE and other things, so I can set up a life for a new one...so I will learn something from this experience...and I must say however it is exciting and I got caught up in it. Well so anyways, when I visited my parents this weekend my mom gave me two Equate tests. So I figured what the heck...so I took one today (mind u I may oly be anyhere from 5-8 weeks maybe?) and I did it after dinner (very hydrated which may not have been good idea to test) and it came up as a defect or something. There are two windows and the one that is supposed to have the result had a faint horizontal line. If it was a faint vertical line I would say I am...but it was horizontal.....do u believe this....so anyways, I check out the pregnancy test forum just now and there is story after story of woman who test and test and test and all negatives and they end up really ebing preggers. So Stacey...even if this test worked right and was negative, I would still question it. I will re-test end of week. So never give up hope girl...since u r trying and u guys are ready for a little one right now...it will certainly happen....Baby Dust your way and I will keep you posted....***By the way I have belly gowls and lots of burpin...boy o boy....


b - April 12




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