Dry Mouth

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---- - November 1

Has anyone experienced dry mouth in early pregnancy? I tried to look it up on the internet but there was nothing.


peaches - November 2

I would like to know this too -- I had extreme dry mouth a couple of weeks ago when i first started to think that I was pregnant. I heard that it can be one of the signs, just maybe not as common as the others, but i am not sure cause i don't know 100% if I am pregnant yet...soon enough hopefully we will know! !:)


VIv - November 2

Google ... dry mouth early pregnancy .... and you will get some hits. Most of them refer to dehydration as a result of "morning sickness". Since increased blood flow through the kidneys results in increased urine output, that also can lead to dehydration. Try sipping on Gatorade (my suggestion, not from the web) all day and see if that helps.


--- - November 2

Viv thanks so much, you give really good advice to everyone, it is much appreciated!


Dee - November 8

I only suspect that I am pregnant, I've got every other symptoms. Plus, I'm drinking like a camel. I don't drink much juice at all but I've had to get some extra this month.


forum - November 9

bump up


AMS - November 9

I think I might be pregnant right now and one of the things that I have noticed is different is that my mouth has been dry and I constantly feel thirsty.


excited mother to be - January 25

I am 9 weeks pregnant and my mouth is constantly dry. I was a smoker and quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant (and I plan on remaining a quitter after giving birth), so I don't know if I'm experiencing dry mouth because of the pregnancy or because I've given up cigarrettes. I guess it's the pregnancy if everyone else has the same experience with dry mouth.


B'Lana - January 25

You are lucky... I drooool all day long, but so thirsty! yesterday my husband made me drink 8 gla__ses of water (what they suggest) and I was miserable, but today I down gla__s after gla__s, still thirsty bu horribly drooly... Is it normal for pg or anything else?


your not viv - January 25

whi is signing as viv? there is only one viv... and thats grandpa viv !!!!!!!


candy - January 26

normally an early preg sign would be excess saliva...never heard of the dry mouth....yes excited u have dry mouth when u stop smoking...with my last i stopped smokin too and mine was liek that but with this one and the one b4 last my mouth was wadderin...good luck ALL


ALICIA - January 26



QLeO - January 29

I'm 5 days late, 7 negative tests. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant yet. But I have some symptoms. These past few days the back of my throat feels dry but there's excessive saliva in my mouth. I dont have morning sickness though. Drinking water doesnt help much, I feel like I have to have something sweet. Is anyone experiencing this as well? Could this also be one of the symptoms?


JF - January 29

I was wondering the same thing. I have been really thirsty lately. When I was pregnant with my son (around 4 weeks) I remember waking up in the middle of the night and being so thirsty and having such a dry mouth that I found myself sitting on the couch at 3am eating popsicles and watching tv. Now I have a dry mouth as well I normally do not drink juice but have been drinking a lot as well. Maybe this is a sign I hope so! Will test this week.


amyk - October 23

I have the same question...AF isnt due for 3 days, so I dont know if i am prego or not, but my mouth has been dry for like 10 days now...Let me know please!!!


Me - October 23

WOW JF, you totally described what I've been doing the past few nights.


amyk - October 23

are you prego me???



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