Dryer Than The Sierra Desert

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Angelina Jolie - May 10

I am 4 days late.. and usually have quite a bit of cm before i start af ... this month.. TMI... I wipe and it is soooo dry... nothing there at all... weird... what does that mean... thanks you alll...


bump - May 10



Hanna - May 11

Difficult to say. Most women dry up when af is coming, so maybe it is that? If you are 4 days late you could of course do a hpt. Perhaps you are one of the luck ones!


Angelina - May 11

Well, I find it odd that I am usually as wet as the atlantic ocean... when Af comes... but this time I'm not....there is a lotiony tecture to my cm when I put my finger up there.. sorry TMI...but that is about it.....


Hanna - May 11

It is odd. From ocean to desert.. hmm..How about that hpt? Are you going to do that?


stacey - May 11

hah! nice name :) creamy is good...are you/were you on any meds that would make you dry this time? certain meds make you dry.


To Angelina - May 11

Tell Brad, congrats!!! How exciting.. Soon you'll hear the pitter-patter of tiny Pitts..Love to Maddox too.. ;-)


kim - May 20

i am pastywhite chalk like when i stick my finger up there ( i am so sorry for the grossness) i am TTC---a possign or not always ???? but i am definetely not lotiony


liz - May 20

i have that chalkness too---what is up with that ????


mika - May 20

to ladies with chalkness, have you had treatment for thrush, ihave and i have excessive chalk ness, have had for 3 months since, which is fine so if you have its prolly due to that


liz - May 21

to mika---what is thrush ????


louise - May 21

thrush is a fungal infection around the outside of the vagaina. it can also enter inside the v____a. it makes you itch and sometimes can create a foul smell below. it has discharge but its not normal discharge. if your pregnant or trying the only methods of treatment avaliable are pessary's nd cream. the pessarys disslove inside the v____a but they create chalky discharge. the cream is put on to allieviate the symptoms.



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