Due For AF On Jan 4

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G - January 1

Hi, This is our fourth month TTC. Anyway, I am due for af on January 4th. Since Dec. 30, I have felt nauseas, but only at certain times (in the morning...before i get out of bed, after I eat larger meals, and at night for a short time...before I go to bed.) also, yesterday and today, my stomach muscles are so sore (as though I have been exercising, which i Haven't). What do you think this could be.....I am trying not to get my hopes up. Since I always seem to be disappointed.


M.C - January 1

HI, i know how u feel i am so scared i'm going to start anytime i was due yesterday.test are still neg though


Sheree - January 2

Hi G and M.C - I know how you feel. Have been TTC for 10 mths and every mth I think I have preg signs! I was due AF on 1st Jan, had light spotting on 28 & 29th Dec, nothing since. One test came back neg; so now playing the waiting game. It drives you crazy! I have sore b___bs, feel sick and a little dizzy. I will wait until c6th Jan before I test again (if AF hasn't arrived). It is so nice to hear from other people going through the same emotions. Lets keep each other posted.


M>C - January 2

HI does everybody spot a coupleof days before af is due i haven't done that nothing but clear discharge i have veeeeeery sore b___bs and swelled i have to wear a very tight sports bra and i have been cramping, tired, ill,headaches and soooo hungry and i've also had a runny nose u had anything like that?Good luck to u both i want to test again this orning but am tired of being dissapointed


kim - January 2

I am also due for af on the 4th. I took a test yesterday and it was neg. It was one of those test were you can find out 5 days sooner. I guess it is only 63% accurate on the 4th day so I hope It is wrong. This is our first month ttc but we did it like rabbits so I will be so shocked if I am not. Due you think i tested to soon? My nurse said to wait until I was 10 days late but that is so hard...


kat - January 2

hey kim,hows things? thought u tested a faint pos,or was that a different kim?


kim - January 2

That was a different kim... I thought many of you would think it was me.lol I wish! How are you? Still waiting? Have you tested yet?


kat - January 2

last tested on fri still neg,got af yesterday but unusual for me to be early,and so far its been lighter than usual,not sure what to think,maybe i have to accept that im not,but its hard when i read so many stories about people getting af while pregnant!


unknown - January 2

What does TTC and AF stand for?


kat - January 3

ttc is trying to concieve and af is aunt flo which means your period.



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