Due For Af This Morning And Nothing So Far Good

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Mallory - March 5

Hi all. I was due for af this morning and it is now 5 pm and still nothing. I have felt tired all day and a little back pain while out and about. Hopefully that is a good sign. Let me know what you think. No spotting yet though or anything like that : (


S- - March 5

sounds good! Any other symptoms?Does she always come on time?


Mallory - March 5

I have been exhauseted for about a week. I am irritable, peeing a lot, weird cramp like symptoms, temp still high, and occasional back pain. It has come right on time the past few months.


Mallory again - March 5

One more thing to add. Usually before my af if there is discharge it has a "period" smell to it. Hope that is not too gross. This time af was due this am and there is nothing but there is a mily white discharge that has no odor whatsoever so that is not normal for me. What do you think???


bump - March 6

bump.. Hi ladies. It is now the 6th and no sign of af. My temp was at 99.6 this am so we will see. I have to work from 12-8 today so I hope nothing comes durring that time.


Erin - March 6

Keep us informed!


lin - March 6

Mallory, good luck! The symptoms you have sound very good!! Especially the temps and the cm! Keep us posted!


mulgajill - March 6

hope af has not arrived yet for you... signs sound positive... good luck Mallory


Mallory - March 6

It is now the 6th at 10: 15 and still nothing to show. I thought af was going to come anytime today cuz I had weird cramps and just felt like it but nothing. Now I have noticed that the cramps are more a dull ache in the lower area...as someone said near the bikini line. I also have had some dull aches in my lower back as well. We will see i guess.


Mallory - March 6

10:15 pm that is.


Mallory - March 7

Well it is 8:15 am on the 7th and still nothing. I had some weird aches last night in the area around the underwear line and some back pain, I have been waking up a lot earlier than normal the last week or so feeling fine and can't go back to sleep. Then i feel so tired about an hour later. When should I test?? Is it still too soon???


Jules - March 7

Hey Mallory - it MAY be too soon, but given that you're 2 days late already, I would do a test - with an open mind, of course, and the option to test again later in the week if this one is a neg! (If it were me, I'd probably have done about 10 tests by now!) Sounds really positive for you....let us know?


Kerri - March 7

Hi Mallory, You replyed to the waiting for a/f Mar 5 anyone else for this day and I'm really excited to hear that. Maybe we'll go two for two right now since Tiffani is as well! Good luck and lets hope and keep in touch! Baby dust soon!!!


bunny - March 7

Mallory! Good to hear about U. Lots of luck. Keep us posted about UR result.


Kerri - March 7

When are you going to test???


Mallory - March 7

I went to the womens' clinic at 10 this morning to test and it came back negative. I bought some clearblue easy test for later because I am convinced because of the symptoms that I have and the fact that I have not yet had my period and I have never missed a period. Totally different symptoms than wehn I have my af. Please lend me your support. And when do you think I should test again? they told me to wait until Thursday or Friday, but I don't know if I can wait that long. I just want to know that I am because it feels like it so much. Please let me know what you think I should do!!


Mythili - March 7

I would think that is a good sign.



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