Due For AF Today

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angel - October 4

Please wait with me! I'm due for af today and am thinking that it will most likely show :( This will be my second month ttc. I am a 22 yr old mom of a 10 month old and am married to the most amazing piece of masculine flesh alive! I'm due to ovulate sometime around the 16th - 18th of October.


April H. - October 4

Hello Angel! I am also due for Aunt Flow any day now. So far, she has not come. I have been having cramps for the past week and I never get them unless it is the day before or the day of AF's arrival. Anyhow, today seems to be the worst but still nothing. I ovulated from Sept. 19th - 24th. This is only our first month of ttc. I have some veins showing on my b___sts and the tiny bumps around my nipple. My b___sts are a little soar, but not too bad. I think it is the same soreness I get just before AF. Have you had any symptoms or just normal AF symptoms?


angel - October 4

Hey April H!! Thanks for joining...so far af is a no show! I've been having cramps from 6 dpo on, along with extreme dizziness, upset stomach, headaches, and tired. My bb's haven't been sore too badly...they sting every once and a while and feel slightly sore when I push on them (course that could be from pushing on them!)...that's about all my symptoms...been extra hungry too I guess. But I recently miscarried two cycles ago and so perhaps my af is still catching up! I hope not. I did take a pregnancy test today and it said negative. I'm sure af is just taking her sweet old time...what else could it be? I hope for you that you're positive!!! Thanks for joining!


April H. - October 4

Hi Angel! I haven't had any upset stomach or dizziness but I have been hearing a lot of women on here saying that. I took two tests last week and both came out negatives. I would take another, but I am afraid of dissapointment again. Not sure if I can deal with it again. I figure if I am, I am and if I'm not, well there is always next month. Luckily I have had an a preconception appt. scheduled with my OBGYN for the past couple of weeks and I will be seeing him on Thursday. If she hasn't come by then, I will have them do a test as well. He is doing my annual exam and a PAP to make sure I am ready for pregnancy and to go over my health/family history. I hope nothing but a positive for you and I both!!! I'm sure my AF is taking her sweet time because she wants to sike me out. Urgh!!!


kelly - October 4

I'm also due for af today, so far she's not here. The only symptoms I have had are af type cramps from right after ovulation up until now. It really feels like af is coming today. I still haven't tested. Have either of you tested yet? Good luck! I hope we all get our bfp's soon.


April H. - October 4

Hi Kelly! Yes, I tested twice last week because of the weird cramps I was having and also because I have these veins stick out on my b___sts. Frequenting the bathroom to pee also. I tested with First Response and everyone is saying that it could have been too early. Plus, they say to do it with first morning urine because the HCG hormone is much more prominent in the morning. I want to test, but I am afraid of another disappointment.


Amanda - October 4

I'm waiting too!! I'm not sure when AF is supposed to arrive cause my cycles are so screwy. 36 one month and then 40 something the next. I did have unprotected s_x on what I thought might of been my most fert_tle day.. but with me who knows?! lol I have slight back pain, but that could be my period trying to start. My b___sts feel slightly heavy, but they are implants so I can't really go off that. Barely have any feeling in them anyways. No other real symptons. Oh I did have a pinkish discharge last week... but that stopped. And now I have a very light brown discharge. I took a test on Monday but came out neg. I'm waiting another week before I test again. I really hope I am pregnant!


Emma - October 4

Hi everyone! I am due for af sometime between today and next week. Amanda, your cycles sound just like mine. Annoying not to know exactly when af is due isn't it? I have had sore and tender b___sts for the past 11 days and have been cramping for about a week. Also, I have a few white bumps on my nipples. I am sore like I am coming down with a cold or something, and had a little bit of dizziness yesterday, but not today. Tested this morning and got a negative, but it could be too early. Hope so hard af don't show. ~ Baby Dust to Everyone~


Amanda - October 4

Yes it's VERY annoying not knowing when your gonna start. Seems like every month or so I play the "am I pregnant game"


April H. - October 4

Okay, some news. I have been reading and have talked to several women at my office. They have said that they had cramping a week before AF was due and ended up being pregnant. A good sign for us????


angel - October 4

Hey guys! Welcome to all you ladies!! Well...still no af to report...LOTS of cramping though, which has been off and on since ovulation...I'm not sure what to think about it...usually my cycles are pretty regular. All my tests are telling me negative though. Is it still possible to be pregnant and have a negative on the day your period was due? Baby Dust for all!!!


Amanda - October 4

I'm having cramping but it's more like a straining feeling. No AF in sight.


Emma - October 5

Hi, me again. My b___st soreness and tenderness is started to feel like it is going away. Really not sore or tender at all. I noticed it's the worst in the mornings though. Also, the cramping still comes a little bit, but has pretty much stopped too. I still have no af, just tired and feel cold symptoms. What's going on? I hope it's not af coming.


Pepsi - October 5

Hi Angel!! I'm also due for AF today, and no signs of her except for some pen-top sized brown spotting for two days. A few days ago I had a glob of the brown discharge with a lot of CM and a bit of red. Thought it was AF but nothing so far. I haven't really had any symptoms except for cramping a lot for the past week and sore b___sts in the middle of the night that go away when I get up. I'd love to wait with you guys!


angel - October 5

Hey Pepsi...that sounds pretty promising! Well no af for me yet...I thought I was supposed to start the 3rd and then I figured since I dind't start maybe I was wrong...maybe the 4th...and now still no af to be seen so maybe it'll show today. Took a test this morning and it's still negative. According to my chart I'm 2 days late which isn't usually normal for me...perhaps my cycles are just getting back to normal after my m/c August 2nd...who knows?


Amanda - October 5

Still nothing here... but I did have really gross almost black discharge last night. Then this morning its light red almost pink. I think I may be starting today. :( Oh well... back to the drawing board.


April H. - October 5

Good Morning Ladies~! Well, still no AF More cramping but not as bad as yesterday. Had a terrible hot flash this morning when I got up. Bb's a little sore but not much. Still have veins on both b___sts and the bumps. The bumps don't really stick out a lot unless my nipples are hard. Anyone else?



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