Dull Cramping Am I Pregnant

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S - November 20

I was supposed to get my AF last Tuesday - started dull cramping last sunday and it's been here all week. i feel it in my lower abdomen on each side down almost into my legs. Anyone else felt this? Still no AF.


margo - November 20

My AF is 3 days late and I'm feeling the same cramping into my legs, too


S - November 20

have you felt that same cramping before ever? to me it feels different, but maybe it's all in my head.


Jeanie - November 21

I have had cramping for the last 2weeks and am pregnant in first trimester. I just found out tuesday I'm pregnant because I was feeling like I was supposed to start but never did.


mummy of two?? - November 21

I have had cramping for the last couple of weeks. I was due for my period on 12th November but started brown spotting (when wiped) on 10th November for two days. Then had pink smears for the following 3 days only when wiped. I feel bloated and very crampy. This is the second month of trying to conceive. I am half way through my next cycle and are due to ovulate within the next couple of days but am hoping to be pregnant already. Tests say negative but I don't normally cramp at all even when getting my period so who knows what this is. Hope you receive a positive result soon.


margo - November 21

S, I only cramp the first day of my period. I still feel mildly crampy today and it's different...plus it's been going on over a week since I've felt this way, and it's not normal for me, anyway. I'm on day 32 of what is normally a 27-28 day cycle, and HPT was negative again this morning. I have a urine test in the a.m. with the Doc., so I'll let you know. I still feel it's in my head, since we've been trying, etc.....I'm trying to be patient, but wow, is it ever HARD!


R - November 21

Margo and S, I'm having cramping too and am hoping it is a sign of pregnancy. I ovulated 6 days ago (according to my bbt) and have been cramping since then. It started as twitching and light/dull cramping on my left side. Today it kind of feels like I've done situps and have a sore lower abdomen. It's definitely different than cramping before. Is this what your cramping is like?


margo - November 21

I definately had the twitching, but abdomen wasn't tender.


Shannon - November 21

Hi Margo. I too wonder if I have been dreaming up syptoms or not! Me and my husband have been trying for almost a year now and still nothing. This month seems a little different but who knows. Maybe it is all in my head. I will have to wait and see! my period is due this coming friday and I am ALWAYS on time. I just can't wait until then!! It IS hard to be patient!


bump - November 21



april - November 21

what is af


margo - November 22

AF arrived this morning; 5 days late.


Leah - November 22

Hi ladies! Instead of driving yourself crazy you could purchase the sensitive early pregnancy tests off of this site. It should be able to detect pregnancy 6-8 days after you think you concieved. I hope I am pregnant as well, that would be a wonderful Christmas gift!!! We have been trying and I already have cramping and I shouldn't start my period until mid-Dec. OOOH! How it can be suspensful!!!


Anne - December 14

I had IVT-ET on 12/4 and have had cramping in my lower abdomen since then. Yesyerday I started light spotting only when I wiped sometimes. The cramps have gone mostly. I go for my PT on Thursday. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I feel like I could start my period, but I hope it's something else.



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