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S - February 25

The first day of my period was Feb. 1. I was scheduled to ovulate the 15th. Would I be 3 weeks preg. or would I be 1 week?


rebecca - February 25

for some reason they calculate the date from the last normal period so although they say it's 3 weeks or whatever... the actual ovulation happens around 2 weeks after prd. sooo conception and such happens after this. I hope this helps a little


S - February 25

Thank you very much Rebecca. I am confused and in need of answers.


S - February 25

I know that a test will show positive results if you are at least 3 weeks along, I am in need of knowing if I take one now will it show pos. if so. That is the reason I posted this question.


Serenna - February 25

If the date of your lmp was 2/01 then you would be 3w 3d on a 40 week pregancy calendar. Keep in mind some pregnancy calendars on the net use the 38 week calendar. Good Luck! Hope that helped a little


S - February 25

So should I give testing a shot?


Serenna - February 25

I guess u could if u wanted to with one of the lower sensitivity tests, if u have the money to b__w, but if i were u i would wait until u miss ur af. Just 2 b safe and to risk a false neg. :)


S - February 25

Thank you! I guess it depends on how much it drives me crazy. LOL I feel alot of symptoms already, so I am not sure. :)


Serenna - February 25

I felt a lot of symptoms pretty early too. But i didn't want to disappoint myself. If u do give in and take a test this week, just don't get ur self down too much cuz it's not over until ugly Ms. AF shows her face. lol.


S - February 25

Did you test early? & if so how early?


May - February 25

My husband and I are tying to have our first child. We have had a lot of s_x this month. My af started on Feb. 1 and lasted 7 days. Then on the 18 and 19 I had spotting when I went to the bathroom. My af is due on the 28. I was wondering if that was implantation bleeding I experienced. It is NOT like my body to do anything out of the ordinary like that. My body is like a clock. It sounds like Rebecca, you and I are experiencing the same thing.


Serenna - February 25

S: I tested on the day of my missed AF and got a very very faint postive. I then got it confirmed at the dr. May: Yes the spotting could very well b spotting since spotting occurs 6-10 days after ovualtion. Hold out until your missed AF to take a test. Good Luck **~Baby Dust~**


May - February 26

Thank you for your help Serenna. I'm anxious to find out, but only have 2 more days to go until AF is due. I think I may wait a week if it doesn't start because I have never gone that long without it starting. What do you think?


Rebecca - February 26

I have no idea when i should test either... I think Tuesday, but I got my af lightly for two days... on the 15th. Well so if your supposed to miss a period to I have to wait until the 13 when I should get it again???


Serenna - February 26

May: Yes if it's not regular for you to miss AF then i would go ahead and wait a week after it, to save money on a hpt. Good Luck!! Rebecca: When was ur last AF? the 2 days of light af might b spotting? Does it normally last 2 days?


May - March 1

I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive!!! I'm pregnant!!!! I have to go to the doctor to confirm, but I'm having a lot of symptoms, and my af is late. I guess I did have implantation bleeding. Thank you to all who answered my questions!!!!


MandyD - March 1

Congratulations May!!! Keep us posted on everything hun!! : )



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