Earliest To Take A Test

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annaliese - November 10

hi everyone! Here's my symptoms (or maybe they are in my head i so want to be pregnant!) Slight nausea every day, sore br___ts, feeling bloated and "firm" tummy. I have quite a lot of thick white discharge. I usually have to get up in the night to pee. My last prd was 15 october, cos we are trying to concieve we had lots of s_x around ovulation time. I took a very early test a couple of days ago cos i got too excited (neg of course!) and now i want to take another but i am not due until a week today. When can do another test and have a chance of it showing an accurate result? Any advice appreciated!


annaliese - November 10

hey! people had replied to this earlier, where did the answers go???


m - November 10

Some stuff has disappeared. It's crazy. I don't know what's going on.


Viv - November 10

It's sounding pretty promising! You have a fair chance of a positive the day your period is due, and an even better chance a week later. Good luck!


veronica - November 10

I'm in the exact smae place. My last period was Oct.13 and I have all the same symptoms.(But I broke down and have taken two teststhat were neg.) So I wish I could have seen those other answers! Good luck!


sam - November 11

what's the earliest u can do a test? and when exactly is the ovulating time??? thats when its most risky isnt it????


ll - November 11

get an early pregnancy test and take it 3 to 4 days before ur missed period!!! It worked for me, the 2nd line may be faint but if its there you are pregnant!!!


Angel - November 11

What ever it is please let me know about the good news as soon as u find out, I may not know you but I went through the same situation, I really want to be pregnant, only i know now that it's negative.It hurts and because it hurts I hope u dont have to go through the same thing, I'll pray for your good news to arrive positive... :)


Lisa - November 15

I am having symptoms like cramping and sore b___bs. I tested to early though too. I guess I'm just going to wait until closer to my period. It is so hard to wait. My husband and I have been trying for over a year. This is my first month of clomid. I think that's why I am so anxious. Keep me posted! Good luck!


Stephanie - November 15

My last period was Oct. 16. I totally feel all your pain. My husband and I want to get pregnant but the test Sunday said no. Wednesday we'll try another test. Hopefully I don't bleed between now and then!!! I hope we're all pregnant!


Ange - November 16

I guess we are all in the same boat. Except Im not TTC. My last period was Oct 13th and I still havenet gotten AF to show up. My symptoms are identical to the ones I had with my first child. Nausea, cramping. dizziness, tired, cranky, lack of appet_te..and the list goes on. I took 6 test so far and they have come up neg. I decided to wait another week (then I will be 2 weeks late) and take another. Im not sure how fast or slow my levels rise. I was 2 weeks late the last time I tested positive but it was the only test I took. Do alot of people who "know" they just are pregnant, test neg only to find out they are +?


annaliese - November 16

so many of us just sitting and waiting, isn't it horrible. fingers crossed for us all....everyone post your results here when you get them!


annaliese - November 17

well i had some bleeding yesterday, and was due on today, so i guess it's my period. I was hoping it was implanation bleeding but i don't suppose it is. I'm bleeding a bit heavier today than yesterday, i was really hoping it was going to stop quickly. Feeling very disheartened.



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