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Julie - October 11

How early do you usually start feeling pregnancy symptoms.. what are usually the first ones??


to Julie - October 11

The best early signs are sore b___bs not going away when you first miss your period, increased and sastained(sp?) bbt and feeling sick to your stomach. Other than that, most early signs are the same as pms or pending AF so it's hard to tell. Doctors say that "true" symptoms don't start till week 5 or 6 anyway. If you read a hand full of these postings, you can learn of a million other feelings that we get when we "think" we are pregnant. After going crazy myself, the only thing that is convincing me now is a missed period and a +hpt!!!!


Julie - October 11

Yes! I'm going nuts over here!! I have so many symptoms but if I was preg I couldnt be more than 3 weeks which is like way early.. I'm burping so much.. peeing so much.. heartburn (NEVER had it) I'm really thirsty really tired! It's so wierd I wish I could just like know NOW!!! I wont b able to find out for about another week.. ugh!!!


to julie - October 11

Wow, your symptoms sound promising! Have you been trying?? The heartburn is a good one! My sister noticed it early on too!!! Have you missed your period yet?


Julie - October 11

I know I have a ton on symptoms.. but still it is so early! My period is so irregualr.. I have been off BC for a yr but we havent been trying and we just started trying a few weeks ago. I just dont know if it's too early but I def have heartburn have had it for like 3 days and burping too!! I havent missed af yet.. shouldnt be here for about another week.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it wont come!!!! You dont think its too early to feel these symptoms do you?


Zuly - October 11

I have been going crazy myself. I've just started my 4th week and I have had some fatigue, cramps, b___st sensitivity and growth, some constipation and back pain. Don't know if this means anything, but I hope it does. If by Friday I don't get my period, I will be taking a preg test. Very Nervous! Hope you all get positive preg results.


Julie - October 11

Good luck Zuly!! I'm really going crazy over here... I wont know for at least another week.... maybe longer!!!


Zuly - October 16

Well haven't gotten my af yet. Today is my 4th day of missed period. I've been having mild cramps for the last 4 days. I've been hesitant to take a preg test just in case I get my af I won't have to waste my money. If by tonight or tomorrow I don't get my af I will certainly take a preg test. Let's see what happens. Anything new ?


T - October 16

Zuly, you get a preg test at Walmart for around $3


Zuly - October 16

Yeah I just bought a pack today. I didn't see anything for $3 though. I still haven't gotten my af. Tomorrow morning I will take the preg test. Keep you guys in touch.


Zuleika - October 18

Haven't gotten my af (6th missed day). Took a preg test Monday morning and it was negative. Took a blood test on that same day and tomorrow I will find out if it's a BFP or BFN! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!



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