Early HPT

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Danielle - November 15

Has anybody taken an early HPT and gotten a positive result? The box says I can take it 4 days before I expect my period, but I'm skeptical. Any shared experiences would be appreciated.


m - November 16

Some women do test positive that early. It all depends on how quickly your hcg levels shoot up. I, personally, didn't get a positive until nearly 2 weeks after my missed period. But you may be able to test positive even before the missed period. If you do test early, and you get a negative, please do not get discouraged. Just keep on testing. People say to wait a few days, then test again, but I always tested every single day. I'm impatient like that. I wanted to know the second it showed positive. Good luck.


Lee - November 16

M, it took you two weeks after your period to show a positive? How long is your cycle normally, someone told me that if you have a short cycle it will take longer than right after your period to show up, have you heard that ? I have a 25-27 day cycle. Today is the 26th day and i havent gotten a + yet but still feel like I might be.


Lee - November 16

M, question for you. Your pg didn't show up till two weeks after using a home pg test? I was wondering if you have ever heard this but I heard that if a woman has a short cycle (mines 25-27 days) that could be why they cant tell the day they miss their period,. Have you ever heard that, something about not being enough days from ovulation because of the short cycle for it to show up on a test yet. What do you think? also, what test would you suggest to try?


Lee - November 16

sorry i didnt mean to post it twice, my computer was having problems, didnt realize it had posted! sorry yall


citrouille - November 17

I tested 4 days before my period and got a positive but it was a blood test. However my hcg levels relatively low at that time so maybe in other countries it would have shown up as a negative.


m - November 17

Lee, my comp is messing up too (maybe it's a glitch in the submit b___ton). This may post twice, but here goes. With my second son, yeah it took nearly 2 weeks. I'm not sure what the deal was. I think I have slow rising hcg levels. When on the pill, I have a very regular 28 day cycle. Off of the pill, it's very irregular. It's wierd. There's something I forgot to add in my original post, because I was just thinking about my healthy full term pregnancy. In September, I had a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. W/that one, it took a little over a week to show positive. Well, I didn't wait to try again, and w/out having a full cycle, I was pg again in 3 weeks. That time, it was 4 days BEFORE my missed period to show positive. I think maybe because my body had just been pregnant a few weeks prior, so everything fell into place earlier, and hcg levels shot up quicker. That's just my theory. It's odd. But waiting for nearly 2 weeks was hard. I am an impatient person. I don't wish that on anyone! :o)


Danielle - November 19

Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and took the test today, 4 days before I expected my period, and it was positive! It's not confirmed by the doctor yet, but I'm pretty confident.



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