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Danja - August 8

Hi – Just wanted to get someone else’s opinion/advice on the following: My LMP started on the 30th of July – before that I had all the PG symptoms (sore nipples, nausea, lotion CM etc…). But, I tested the day before AF was due and got a BFN. The next day AF arrived – but she only stayed for two short days – the third day it was very light and brown. So I figured I was not pregnant and would try again this month. Two days ago (7 days after AF started) I got EWCM – and lots of it. Sorry for TMI, but it was very wet and a big glob. The ewcm has continued over the past two days. Anyway, after that long story – my question is – is it possible that I am ovulating already? I normally have a 28 day cycle and should only be ovulating around the 13th of August. Any opinions?


kc - August 8

I normally ovulate in cd 15 or 16, but got some reason I ovulated on cd 9 last month. So it is possible. I would try a opt test to be sure. Now I'm not sure if af is going to arrive as scheduled or show up 6 days early.


Grandpa Viv - August 8

Why not try another preg test just to be sure! Good luck!


Chas - August 8

That is interesting. I am trying to pinpoint my ovulation also.. that sounds like my cycle. I started on 8/2 and only had two days of bleeding. I have been temp charting and Sat. I noticed a big dip in temp... so it seems like I may ovulate early, but I'm going to wait and see if I have any other symptoms of "o". Danja, let me know if you test again...


Danja - August 8

Well - I really thought it was early ovulation - I will try another pregnancy test - will let you know. Chas - when are you going to test?


jenessa - August 8

i too have very short cycles and early ovulation, i have 2 kids from previous marrage so i know i can concieve but my current fiance and i can't, ive been charting and if i'm not pregnant this cycle will start clomid next month. my last menstral was on 7-25 and i ovulated on the third and my predicted menstral will begin again on 8-18 so i know exactly how oyu feel, it is very possible that you are ov already, i ovulate 10-11 days after period starts, you can e-mail me at [email protected] baby dust


Deb - August 8

If it helps..my doctor always told me to start on day 10..just in the event you ovulate early. Hopefully though..you are prego and that is the reason for the abundant mucus!! Good Luck!!!


Chas - August 8

Danja, I am not going to test again.. I don't think I'm preg. my periods have been that way since I got off the pill, but I'm thinking now that maybe we have just not started bd'ing early enough in my cycle. Could that be? I haven't gotten pregnant yet and we always bd around the time I am technically suppose to be o'vlating. I haven't looked at any signs, (cm) so maybe this dip in temp is telling me something. any input ???


b - August 8



Danja - August 10

I have not tested yet - I have ordered some tests and am waiting for them to be delivered. I do not know much about charting temps - I read that high temps could be a sign of ovulation -please correct me if I am wrong.


Chas - August 10

yes, you are right, it elevates after ovulation has occured. I just started using that fertility friend and have learned a lot. I do think I am ovulating early. I got some watery cm yesterday and I'm on cd 9 I dunno... that might explain why I have not gotten pg yet!! maybe we are bd'ing on the wrong days !!


Kim - August 10

Just thought I'd share.....last month I O'd on CD9. That was early for me so it does happen. Good Luck!


Chas - August 10

kim, how did you know for sure? have you been able to conceive yet ?


Kim - August 10

Chas, I was charting my temps with Fertility Friend and it pinpointed when I O'd and told me my O day. I also took my chart to my OB/GYN and he confirmed I O'd on CD9. That was just last month. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this month but, my temps have been very eratic (sp) this month so I guess, we'll just have to wait and see this month....UHG


Chas - August 11

Thanks for your answer, I think I o'd on cd 8, I just think that is awful early, but I guess it can happen. My temp increased this morning, so we will see if it stays that way for 3 days to confirm O. Guess, I'll know for next month to Bd a little early !! Good luck to you !


Danja - August 18

Hi – I’m back. I tested last week for pregnancy – got a BFN! So, I must have been ovulating early – and I did also BD in that time – just in case. The past two days I have been having some mild AF like cramps which stopped today and, today I started having EWCM again! I know it’s not possible for me to ovulate twice in one month - but, my cervix is high and soft as well. Also got the sore BBS and dark nips now. I know – all pregnancy symptoms, but – if I look hard enough I could claim to have all the known pregnancy symptoms and still be wrong! It’s a very frustrating time – for all of us I am sure. I hope everyone else is having better luck! Best wishes to all!



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