Early Period Or Implantation Bleeding

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kel - October 11

Ok so here is my story hopefully some one will answer my questions, cause evertime I post in here no one ever answers, so here it goes........The fist day of my LMP was September 14, this put my ovulation date at the 28th of September....me and my husband Beded on the 26,27,28 so there is a possibility that I may have gotten pregnant, I am very fertile,it doesn't take much. SO my period is due on October 13th, but today I am experiencing some spoting, not a normal period. Could this be implantation bleeding, I have taken about 4 pregnancy tests the first two were negative, but I think I tested to early, cause if I remeber correctly with my first pregnacy my levels were very low, I did not find out until 6 weeks. I am having little to no cramping which is strange for me, The other two tests are a faint positive. I really do not want to get my hopes up.. does anyone have any ideas? Please repond I really need feedback.


amy - October 11

Faint positive sounds promising as long as you got it within the time limit of the test. Implantation bleeding can occur 6-12 days after ovulation and doesn't happen in all women.. Check out peeonastick.com its go some pictures of faint positives, etc. If I were you I would wait till the 14th to test, then if its still negative and no period give it another 3-4 days and retest.. Good luck, Baby Dust (I'm waiting for no AF on the 19th)


amy - October 11

Info from that site I told you about: . The positive line is really faint. Is this okay? An HPT tells you exactly one thing: your urine either has detectable pregnancy hormone in it, or it doesn't. The darkness or lightness of a line doesn't mean much. Generally speaking, a very light line can mean there is a small amount of hCG in your urine, and a very dark line can mean there is a larger amount of hCG in your urine. This is why you may get a faint positive at 10 DPO but a darker positive at 18 DPO. However, this is not always true. Tests are all different, and even tests in the same box may differ in sensitivity. Comparing light/dark lines will just drive you nuts. If you see a line in the "results" window, you're preg!


kel - October 11

I guess we will see I am gonna wait to test again after the 13th cause I am driving my self nuts......It is a very faint line but I am starting to have more cramping, although my spotting is very light, i just don't want to get my hopes up.


Kelly - October 11

ok this is really weird all cramps have ceased,and now I feel like I am gonna throw up


Stacie J - October 11

Hi Kel. my first day of my lpm was September 13. This morning when I wiped I had some bright pink on the toilet paper, put a pad on and nothing everytime I wiped today it was light brown and now it is nothing - my dh bd on the 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, 1 and the 7th - I had EWCM on the 28th. I have never been pregnant before so I don't know what to expect. I have taken two pregnancy test and both came back negative. Little cramps, nothing like I am use to before AF comes. Good luck


kely - October 12

HEy Stacie sounds like implantation bleeding to me, doyou have a regular cycle of 28-30 days. I am not sure if this is my af or not she never comes early she has only come late once since my son was born and that was in august. I normally flow very heavy for the first 2 days and then is usually gone by the end of day 3. I usually have very bad cramps, but I only experienced them for a short time yesterday.I am not going to get my hopes up but will she how the bleeding is today, then if it slows I will take another test. I think you should be able to test tomorrow, good luck


Stacie J - October 12

Hey, kely. nope it is the real thing. My cycle is normally around 28 days - last month it was 34 and then this month 29. How old is your son???


js - October 13

First of all, I want to thank people who post at this website, you all are alot more help than any other place I asked questions. Here I go w/ another question. How soon can Implantion bleeding occur?


to kel - October 13



KEL - October 13

Stacie my son is 11 months today.... Well I thought I was having my regular AF but now I don't know cause it has stopped after only a 1 1/21 days normally it is 3 to 4 days very heavy all the way and then just stop. It was a lighter then normal flow but dark red like almost black. Today I woke up very tired and now my BB's are still slightly sore. I am afraid to take a test, so I think I am gonna wait, what do you guys think.


Jess - October 13

Hello ladies. Kel and Stacie we seem to be in the same track with O dates and af not arriving. I think u should take a test Kel it sounds like it could be IB. for me Im out of the running already since it came yesterday. The only thing is that it was very light and I usually get it heavy the first 2 days. Lets see what next month will bring.


Stacie J - October 13

Hey, ladies. JS I know what you mean about people not being helpful. You ask questions and you get ignored. I have read that implantation bleeding occurs 6 to 12 days after you ovulate. Only a third of women get implantation bleeding. Kely, how many days are you into your cycle??? I would go ahead and test. Hi, Jess. I am out, too. Af came on Tuesday. This is my 3 month ttc. I think we are going to bd every other night. Boy is that going to get old!!!


Kel - October 14

Well I am not sure if it was AF or not but it probably was, but I still have not been feeling well, I really don't want to take a test, I don't wan tto be discouraged. I should have normally started today but I started on the 11th, so where does that put me if it was implantation then I would be 14 DPO. My BB's are still a little sore but I remember with my son they never really hurt much until later, but I do however notice they look bigger and the blue veins are promenint (sp?). But maybe I am just reading into things. With my son I had a bout of bleeding in my 8th week (I lost a twin according to my HCG levels, maybe that is what happened this time but earlier) I am really trying not to think about it but it is so hard. Keep trying guys....... Stacie, every other night should do the trick, I think that is how I got pregnant the last time. Just try to mix it up, make it more exciting.


Stacie J - October 14

Kel, hang in there. I know it is frustrating. It sounds like you could be pg. Some women have bleeding every month. That is amazing how they thought you lost a twin. Does twins run in your family. They say that I could have twins because they run in my family. My grandma was a twin. It skipped my mom and none of my siblings have any. I guess I am going to have to whip out the whips, chains and p___n. he-he When should I start this, a couple days after my period ends??? Making babies is hard


Jess - October 14

hello ladies. Making babies is hard. I got of bc in Jan. and have been tc since with no luck. This month Im going to try to chart my temps and use ovulation sticks and see if that works. When do u start bd? right after your last day of af or a week before O? Kel u should test since some woman do bleed every month during pg? u never know. *Baby Dust to u* For u and me Stacie its bd time after af. :)


Stacie J - October 14

Hey, Jess. My dr said to stop bd by the 10th day and db the 13, 14 & 15th - I have tried that and obviously it didn't work - if my husband had it his way, we would be starting now. So my answer is - I have no clue



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