Early Period Or Implantation Bleeding Help Girls

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Susie - December 19

My question looks like so many others'!!!! My period isn't due until the 24th and saturday I found some blood coloured mucus. Is this spotting?? Had some more today..;a really small amount each time. I'm so unsure as to what implantaion bleeding is as all the sites say something different!! We are trying to concieve and would love to have some real women's advice on this.


jeanette - December 19

Sounds like IB to me! God bless!


Nat22 - December 19

Susie.... I am in the same situation as you... I'm supposed to start my period on Dec. 25, but on Friday I starting spotting very pink blood, and it was a very small amount as well. My spotting only lasted 24 hours or so and I haven't seen any other blood at all since Sat. night. That's funny that our dates are so similar! So maybe it was implantation bleeding for both of us! Only time will tell :) Keep me posted


Dionne - December 19

Hi Susie, I sort of had the same thing happen yesterday, about an inch of brown blood, I tested this morning and I think I got an bfp....using one step hcg test....but at the moment i'm not counting that as a pos until I test again tonight. The only symptom I've had was bloated, and dull cramping around my lower abdomin and that all happened yesterday. Hope this helps some.


Dionne - December 19

Also af is due on Sunday.


Susie - December 20

Thanks for your answers...lets hope we are all thoroughly fulfilled this xmas!! I don't remember having IB with my other two children so I was quite worried especially as I am now 39 and not 25!!This morning I feel pretty dreadful but maybe that's psychological. How are you other girls feeling this morning??


pavima - December 20

even i had similar experince during my 17th and 18th. . As i heard it may also be implantation bleeding. let us keep our fingers crossed for the best thing to happen



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