Early Pg Signs Sore Nipples

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babydust25 - August 4

Hey ladies.. So my hubby and I have been ttc for almost 6 months now with no luck until hopefully this one...Hopefully Im not just obsessing. I was wondering what everyone else had as early preggo signs I know everyone is different but just curious. Here are my current symptoms.. Tell me what you think. Sore nipples..NOT BBS just nipples and they are also quite big and pokey..(DH even noticed) since about 4 dpo until now which is about 9dpo and minor cramping for the past week that comes and goes, also some very sm bleeding at 4dpo and quite a bit of cm, Thats really all but I guess its the nipple thing that is really stumping me because ive never had anything like this before AF. Weird question I know but what were your bbs/nipples like prior to receiveing your BFP?


andesue - August 4

Well, i've never had a bfp but am about 4 dpo (I think, not using opk's and am not totally regular. cycles range from 28-30 days) So, If I o'd when I think I'm about 3-4 dpo. Well, I have been feeling just this evening almost af like cramps and low back pain. Could be lack of sleep as I am helping with a wedding that is in a few days.... Anyhow, i was sort of feeling like this is too soon to feel any symptoms and keep telling myself to put it out of my mind, I'm probably just having lower GI issues!! :) It was interesting for me to see that you noticed slight cramping from 4 dpo. Your symptoms sound VERY promissing!! Good luck!


SmileyKylie - August 4

Wow! I'm having the exact same symptoms. I'm about 6 dpo and for the last couple of days I have had very sensitive nipples. They are bigger and are always hard and sticking out! I never have any changes with my bbs before AF so this is really weird for me. I've had minor AF like cramping on and off aswell and the odd headache. I haven't had any bleeding yet but I have had a bit of milky CM. Are these nipple changes common as pms symptoms or could it be an early pregnancy symptom?


babydust25 - August 4

well my symptoms are still going strong have had pretty constant cramping all day and still SORE nipples..usually before af I get sore b___bs but not usually just nipples.. SmileyKylie my nipples are exactly as you described- bigger, hard and always sticking out. Also today extremely tired but its probably just because i had a bit of trouble sleeping the last few nights also. are you ladies symptoms still present?? Any other women who have had similar experiences and gotten a BFP?? Good luck to us all!


andesue - August 4

Yeah.... I thought that what I was feeling yesterday was just gas/constipation... but today I don't feel gasy, just sort of bloated, and still with the crampyness and low back ache. Also today I felt like twinges on the right side, like i would normally expect for O but I am like DRY right now and I had sticky, sort of stretchy cm on cd 13 and ewcm on cd 14 then it went thin, sort of watery and cloudy cds 15 and 16 then dried up for cd 17 and today 18. Soooo I really don't think that I am Oing now?? No bb tenderness or nipple tenderness. I sort of have a loss of appet_te, though. Normall when I am sorta bored I want to eat.... now I feel like I could care less about food. I keep trying to make myself not think about it and then I get a good cramp and can't not think about it. I don't want to get myself all excited because this is just the first month NOT trying to prevent pregnancy.... not really even TTC yet..... ugh.


jay_t - August 5

Eep. My nipples have also been very tingly, and my nipples have been realllyy hard quite frequently. My bf noticed too, just like you said. Strange, huh? Good luck. [:


SmileyKylie - August 5

I've been having period like cramps off and on today so I hope AF is not just coming early! I was really tired at work today - i nearly fell asleep at lunch time! That was weird cause I have been sleeping well. Babydust, when is your AF due? Andesue, I know exactly how you feel about getting too excited! I hate all this waiting!


andesue - August 5

I don't know what to think.... this is so wierd. I have this wierd sensation in my glands in my neck, under my jaw, tingling kinda like before you throw up.... you know, when your mouth starts watering.... I don't really feel naseous, just kinda like I have heart burn. Although, again, it could just be that a) I'm getting sick, or b) the anxiety..... who knows. Also, I just ate a great dinner and while all day I had no interest in food my tummy feels like hunger pains but I don't want to eat anything at the same time, like nothing 'sounds' good. Wierd?


babydust25 - August 5

last AF for me was July 4th. I believe i O'd somewhere around July 25th-26th. And next AF isnt due until probably the week of the 11th. (I have long irregular cycles) So I really hope this isnt just another month of obsessing..but this morning I still have some cramping, sore nipples, bbs actually seem heavier, and since last night have been very ga__sy but constipated. : ( What about you ladies when is AF due and when are you planning on testing? I wish there were some ladies that had these symptoms when they were pg..


Grandpa Viv - August 5

"Porn star nipples" and "sensitive, can't face the shower" are occasional posts for early signs. Lotion discharge when you expect to be dry is very promising. Good luck with your tests.


andesue - August 5

My last af started 7/18, believe I o'd either the 31st (my anniversary) or the 1st so I expect my af to arrive either the 14th or 15th of august. Testing will depend on if af hasn't shown after the 15th and what symptoms I'm feeling. If it feels like normal af then I will a__sume I missed o and wait a few more days (if I can) :). I feel very tired today. still a little crampy and low back ache. Still not very interested in food. How about you babydust, when do you plan to test?


babydust25 - August 5

I definately want to wait until after af is supposed to be due but its so hard when I dont have an exact date. My other issue is hubby and I are leaving Friday for vacation so I have one test left that I am taking with us. Nipples seem less sore now, but bbs heavy...with my crazy cycles its possible that I was just o'ing...but who knows. Hoping for a bfp this month!! Keep me updated.


andesue - August 6

Ugh... still crampy and a little ga__sy. I know ga__sy can be a sign, but it also makes me second guess the crampyness. It makes me think, well, maybe I just have some sort of lower gi bug or something I ate.... although, I don't think that would last this long.... really tired today. I took a nap, was going to just lay down for a little bit but then opened my eyes, looked at the clock and it was an hour later! then couldn't make myself get up so I stayed their for another half hour. It was weird, one of those naps where you feel like you have been lying there for 2 minutes, closed your eyes, opened them, and poof, you lost an hour and a half! crazy.


andesue - August 6

baby dust, How cool would it be to get your bfp on vacation?? How long are you gone for? I leave tomorrow to go to help my friend with her wedding. Won't be back until at least sunday.... I may be able to get my hands on a computer to post, but not sure. Keep this thing going if you can... I don't want it to get lost in here! :) Good luck!


babydust25 - August 6

yeah im kinda feeling the same way..not as optomistic anymore because the nipple soreness has mostly gone away, bbs are just heavy still. Just gas and cramping now with a bit of fatigue but a lot like af is coming. Yeah the 11th is actually our first wedding anniversary! so i was thinking about testing that day. Another weird thing is at the beginning of the month hubby had a dream that I would get a BFP this month..and he has a strange history of his dreams always coming true...lol donno how much i believe in that kinda stuff but he really has..lol Well I leave Friday and wont be back until the 23rd. i probably wont be able to get on at all we are going on a camping trip through CA and OR! Super excited but I will atleast update you before I leave and when we get back.Hopefully BFPs to us both but if not we should still be cycle buddies! Good luck to you!


momtoaandk - August 6

That was the first symptom I had with being pregnant with my second was sore nips, not b___bs, just nips


SmileyKylie - August 6

Babydust, everything sounds very promising! Good luck on your holiday and let us know how you go when you get back! Momtoaandk, how far along were you when you experienced sore nipples and how long did that last?



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