Early Pg Symptoms

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Kimberly - April 14

Hi, I am on the pill (would LOVE to be pg, but dh isn't ready yet). My periods ALWAYS come early saturday morning. This saturday came and went, no period. Sunday morning, period came for about 3 hours (very light), and that was it. I started having a small bit of brown discharge every time I go to the bathroom - still having it and it's thursday. I've been pretty crampy and getting hot flashes. I tested monday night, neg. Could I pg? I've never heard of a false neg, especially with me being on the pill.


bump - April 14



To Kim - April 14

U may be pregnant but this is my story(sorta similar). When I was on bc, I always started on saturday and it ended by monday morning. I decided to ask my ob/gyn about that to see if that was normal. She said yes and that the reason was once you start taking the next pack on that sunday (which happens to be the day after I start every month) the hormones are what cause af to stop. Also, it depends on what type of bc ur on. Some brands have just one level of hormone throughout the whole pack while others have 3 different levels. If you take one that has 3 levels, the first week is the lowest which would allow for the spotting. She said many woman experience that although not all. Well, I hope that helped a little.


Kimberly - April 14

Thanks for replying. I am taking the pills with 3 levels - but this has never happened to me before. I've never had this kind of spotting or cramping AFTER i start my new pack. I talked to dh, and we are going to call my dr to get an appointment tomorrow, just for my own peace of mind. Should I go to my regular dr, or my obgyn? Does it matter?


Me again (Heather) - April 14

I would go to ur ob/gyn. good luck. and maybe after all of this ur hubby will want to have a baby a lot soon!!!


Kimberly - April 14

Thanks, Heather. I'm calling his office in about 15 minutes - hopefully he can get me in before this weekend!



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