Early Preg Symptoms Or Am I

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nicksmmy - April 14

I don't know if any of you have read my story before, but I will just briefly summarize. I have a 4 year old son, and when I was pregnan w/ him I didn't know till I was 32 weeks... I know it sounds crazy, but I am not joking. Anyway so my DH and I are ttc #2, well not temping or anything, just bding a lot the whole month. So my lmp was on March 25, which was exactly 30 days after I finally had af in Febry... I was 17 days late. I figure I o'd around the 8th, of March. okay so here is my question....since I don't remember what my body did w. my ds, I want to know how soon can someone have preg symptoms. I have been nauseaus at night, and in the morning... the minute I get a little hungry I start feeling nauseas. This am I actually gagged on my toothbrush. My bb's hurt, and feel bigger...I have a lot of CM(sorry if TMI) but I keep feeling like I have started af and I run to the bathroom, only to find a whitish discharge. Is it possilbe that I was preg, and my lmp was just IB, with my DS I bled all 9 months, I have talked to my MD, and he said to wait till I miss my period in April and then test....has anybody had symptoms early, I know my story is strange but it happens.


Lin - April 14

There's really no real limit to when one can have symptoms, but statistically speaking, they usually don't occur until sometime after implantation, which itself usually occurs between 6-12 dpo. The abundance of discharge you describe is a common symptom in early pregnancy. I doubt your last period was ib, because that's just spotting, not any kind of flow, and isn't particularly common anyway. If you're pregnant, it probalby just happened this month. Good luck!!!


SweetP - April 14

Wow...that's a lot! I'd say you have to wait and allow your doctor to test you to know for sure, and until then, treat yourself as if you may be pregnant. Hope you get some answers soon! By the way, your story isn't strange, I've seen it and know a few women who never tested positive on HPTs (due to nephrological problems, and another because the HCG never reached her urine, she always tested positive with blood only).



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