Early Pregnancy Signs Am I Crazy 5 DPO

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Dawn - March 12

I am 6 DPO and have slight nasea, sharp & sometimes tingly pains in my br___ts, and and extremely tired. I'm burping all the time and I feel like I have swollen glands. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? I'm hoping this is the month....DH & I have been trying to 3 months.


Marie - March 13

I read somewhere that you don't actually conceive until 8 -12 dpo's. Those may be a bit too early. You may want to wait another week or so. I think you start to feel the begining signs the week that your period is due. Trust me we have been trying for 8 months and I have thought I was pregnant every month LOL :) I learned to just wait it out Good Luck...Baby dust to u


sarah - March 13

take folicd acid


vanessa - March 13

Honestly, I don't think you're crazy... I'm in the same place right now. I'm 8 DPO today and I actually took a test yesturday because my b___bs felt SO WEIRD. Of course it came back BFN (which I knew it would this early) but it's been driving me crazy. I have the same "tingling" and achy feeling in both b___sts PLUS I have all these little veins running through my areolas. Very weird... DH & I haven't been preventing pregnancy and this very possibly could be early signs that we conceived last weekend. Let us know when you take a test what the results are. And remember that you can test negative this early on and actually be pregnant! I've decided to wait until a couple of days from when I'm to start (3/21) and test again. Good luck -- I really hope you have had success this month!!! Please tell us when you have any updates! ***Baby Dust***


best - March 13

marie what do you mean you dohn't conceive until 8-12 dpo, you mean implatation does not happen before 8-12 dpo but you do conceive on ovulation day, which could be few days before ovulation or about 24 hours past ovulation, well I had the same symptoms exactly a week ago and I couldn't wait till my period time and done a test but came back negative, I am now 14 days dpo and no period yet, so i'll be waiting another week and re-test, hopefully!!! I still have same symptoms but a bit more, nausea on and off specially in the evening and lot's of belching...keep me posted Dawn...Good luck


Dawn - March 13

Hi all...thanks SO much for the info...Vanessa...let's keep in touch, I'd love to hear your progress..we're just 2 days apart..*Baby Dust* to you, too! Nothing more to report today. Still have the cramps, tired occasional tingles in b___sts and that lump in throat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Dawn - March 13

Marie, good luck to you, too!! Keep us posted. *Baby Dust* to you....


enail - March 13

I had signs 4-5 days dpo (nausea, bbs sore, metallic taste and tired). SAdly, the signs left me about a week before af was due. And I got af. Of course, things have been weird since my m/c in Dec. I wonder if you can have signs early, like right after you conceive, then if there is no implantation (or that part does not work properly) you just go on to have af? I can't figure it out. It has been 11 years since I had a full-term pg, so I can't remember. I wish you the best!



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