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Candace - December 21

Yes I was woundering how early can you tell if u r pregnant can you tell as early as a 10 days the only symptoms I've got is for the past few day I have had cramping on the lower left side of me belly and this morning I got up and the first time I wiped it was pink and then I went back in there and it was like a brown gewy stuff and I was on the depo shot I havent taken it in 7 month and I still havent had a period so I can tell if I am by a period so can someone give me some advice thank you.


sarah - December 21



zuly - December 22

Sounds like you are spotting. Brown blood would be old blood .Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. Most women have at least some symptoms during their pregnancy. Some women are lucky enough to only have one or two, and some are unlucky enough to experience every one of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as the first week after conception, however it is more likely that symptoms will start around the time you are 6 weeks pregnant, which is about 4 weeks after conception or 2 weeks after the first day of your missed period.


Renae - December 22

I think your pregnant because the same thing happened to me


Marla - December 22

thanks for answering me I just had one more question I'm still spotting and cramping and I got sick to my belly and had to lay down go back up 2 hours later and feel good it just hit me out of the blue is it my mind were I'm thinking I might be pregnant or could this be really early sign I mean if I was pregnant I would just be abot 8 to 10 days if you could give me somemore advice it would be nice thanks and if you dont care pray for me because I want a baby so bad I cant stand it thanks.XXXXX


Grandpa Viv - December 22

There are plenty of posts here from women who have early signs a week or so after conception. Your pink and brown description fits many of the implantation posts. Nausea at any time of day fits. You may soon get other signs such as fatigue, intestinal upsets, and b___b changes.


tina jackson - December 22

I myself have been on the depo shot myself about a year ago. It took me about a year befor i finally got pregnant and unfortionatly i lost my baby when i was 23 1/2 weeks but any way i definitely think that you could be pregnant my friend got pregnant 3months after she stopped her shot but the color you are describing you see isnt normal and i think you should take a home test as soon as possible.


s - December 22

Do You Have A Decrease In Your Appet_te In The Beginning Of Pregnancy?



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