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Confused - May 18

I was on the pill for 5 years and came off it about a year ago. I have been trying to get pregnant but have been unsuccessful. My LMP was on April 23 and I tried again this month to conceive. My period should be here this weekend yet I am feeling weird symptoms like nausea, sore br___ts, constipation, gas, and very tired. Could I be pregnant? Should I wait for my period or should I take a HPT now? HELP!


steph - May 18

Hey there confused. Do you usually have sore b___st when expecting AF? They do sound like promising symptoms so I'll be sending loads of baby dust your way!!!! It will probably be too soon to test, but a cheap one wouldn't do any harm!!! Good luck


Confused - May 18

the sore b___sts i get before AF but this time it's my nipples that are sensitive and the other signs its the first time I get them. Thanks for writing back.


steph - May 18

well, my LMP was April 26 and we tried nearly every day from the 5th til the 12-13th. Stopped trying cause I was getting weird period like cramps i the day and felt more when relaxing at night. i get differnet period symptoms but have not had sore b___bs for months and months but I ecall getting them about one week before AF due. However, on the 12th May they started...and boy do they hurt. I have to hold them when I come down the stairs..I haven't noticed a change in colour though. I felt different too, i dont too much now, but the cramps were way too soon after my last period. and BM. Oddily enough, I only go once a week (have done for years) a few times on a Wednesday (it's weird) but the crampy week I was going about 3 times a day!!! Here's hoping for the both of us. P.S. Sorry for waffling on a bit.Let me know how you get on xx


Pattie - May 19

Confused - First of all *** BABY DUST ***. Secondly, the best first sign of pregnancy is waiting until you are late. Testing before only sets us up for disappointment. Be patient and relax it will happen. I know from first hand that our minds do play a very nasty part in symptoms in our bodies. Let your cycle speak for itself. Try not to look at the calendar until after your next period is due and it will be a surprise. Its hard to do, but that's how other people have gotten prego by not trying so hard. Good Luck to you and all of the other ladies in waiting.


genevie - May 19

you are definitely pregnant


confused - May 23

well i got Af on friday very light. the only weird thing is I get it for 5-6 days and today would be day 3 and I dont seem to have it anymore. i guess Ill be starting over new month. Baby dust to the rest of you.


Julie - June 2

Steph- How long is your cycle? Did you get the BFP? I am trying to gauge b/c dh and I did it from the 13th to the 22 almost every day. I have a 34/36/40 day cycle. Not sure anymore. Had a m/c and since then have not been able to gauge my cycle. Thanks.



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