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AvengerGirl - April 22

Ok, I'm due to get my period today (no sign of it yet), and for the past few days I've had to pee a LOT more than usual. I've been moodier than usual, and I keep feeling like I want to cry (almost do sometimes) for no apparent reason. I've also been really tired all this week.... Does this sound like I could be pregnant? I haven't really had cramps like I usually do...


Beth - April 22

I am in the same boat, but I was supposed to start on the 20th and still no period. No cramps, nothing. Been really tired on some days, but then energetic on others. I have gotten a little emotional and little weak stomach at things. But that is it. Just sitting here waiting, I don't want to test until I am a week late though.


Julie - April 22

I tested when I was a day late and it came up pos... go and buy a test...


Beth - April 23

Thanks, I will test tommorow...still no period....


jen - April 23

I'm kinda in the same boat. i was due to start on the 19th. I've been super emotional, for no reason, i was reading cosmo one day..not sad and started crying.my b___sts are bigger and firmer but not sore. i'm nauceous and pee all the time. all test negative so far! hoping that will change!


E - April 24

I know... That's the problem I have right now. I'm 5 days late!! -- I don't have any cramps which I usually do about a week before I have a period. I've been tired lately also... I don't have too much of information though


Beth - April 24

I tested this morning, and got BFP!!! I can't believe it because I don't feel pregnant (this is my second), my only signs were being tired, weak stomach, and a little emotional.....Baby dust to you two!


AvengerGirl - April 25

Thanks for all the advice. Still no period yet, but haven't gotten up the courage to take the test yet... I don't want to see a negative. I'd rather wait and see for a little while. I had the same situation about 6 months ago, my period ended up being 2 weeks late, and I took 4 tests during that time. All negative. So I'd rather just wait. I'll keep you posted. Congrats Beth!


Beth - April 26

AvengerGirl--have you gotten your af yet or tested?



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