Early Stage Of Pregnancy

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Melissa - October 18

Would a va___al ultrasound pick up a pregnancy in its very early stage? such as one or two weeks??


to melissa - October 18

I heard that it would pick up untill you were like 4 to 5 weeks. I'm really not sure though. I'm sorry i couldn't help more.. are you one or two weeks late ? I'm 15 days late and 4 neg. test. my b___st are getting so full and heavy and my nipples are getting darker and very sensitive. please keep me updated


Melissa - October 18

Well, i wasnt late...i got my period but it was very light and is now spotting. Ive also had BAD cramps, and now just a dull aching pain, along with heartburn and acne. the tops of my b___sts hurt as well. and ive also had headaches. im jus feeling really pregnant but keep getting negative results.


Melissa - October 18

I believe i would have concieved on either Oct. 7, 9, or 10th. So i would not be very far along at all, and the bleeding may be implantation? iuno, jus really weird symptoms


Melissa - October 18

any thoughts?


Anna - October 18

I think if you are pregnant then it's way too early to test it anyway. Some woman doesn't get a positive result until they are couple of months pregnant. Give it another try in a week! Good luck!


Ashley - October 18

I didnt get my first positive until i was about 6 weeks pg.


Melissa - October 18

Even from a doctor?


amy - October 18



Dia - October 18

Melissa, you are probably way too early, even for a doctor to tell. It takes some time for implantation to occur. I am 6 weeks pregnant and got my BFP 1 day after my missed period. I tested before af, but it was still too early. Wait another couple of weeks and take a test. Doctors typically won't test you until you have missed your period or have gotten a BFP. Good luck!!


Melissa - October 18

I went to the doctor on friday and they performed a v____al u/s but they didnt see anything. Im having a lot of symptoms tho so im curious as to how accurate it is at one or two weeks pregnant.


Jessica - October 18



To jessica - October 18

does no mean there is no chance im pregnant or there is a chance the doctor couldnt see the baby just yet?


Jessica - October 19

can diahrea and a bigger belly be a sign of early pregnancy


Courtney - October 19

how long does it take until you can feel a difference in your stomach? Is it supposed to be hard and firm early on, or does that not happen until the 2nd trimester?


to melissa - October 19

yes, a v____al ultrasound can pick up a pregnancy very early, but it doesn't see much. I saw my twins at 2 weeks, but all they could see was the sacs, no fetal poles; but they could see something. I had another sono done at 8 weeks but one of the baby's didn't grow; they called it a disappering twin. Good luck



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