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mi55st3ph4ni3 - September 21

I am 11dpo and AF is due the 25th. I have been feeling nauseous on and off everyday for a little over a week. I'm also having, I guess what would be considered cramps, but feels more like a constant heaviness. Not painful, just annoying. Never felt "heaviness" before AF. Doesn't feel like normal PMS and also a little too early for me to have cramps in the first place. Has anyone experienced these symptoms this early and was indeed pregnant? Also, I bought an aimstick pregnancy test online because they claim to test a lot earlier, has anyone ever used aimstick? Or know how accurate they are?


UNIQUE1 - September 21

Im wondering the same thing. Do you have any other symptoms besides the heaviness? The only thing that I have noticed is my nipples are a little tender.


mi55st3ph4ni3 - September 21

I get more and more nauseous everyday, feeling really tired, get dizzy easily especially when walking up stairs, and then the cramping/heaviness that doesn't go away but doesn't bring AF. And I'm not due for that until about Tuesday would be exactly 28 days. I haven't felt any kind of b___st tenderness which is one of the reasons I'm confused. I would think I would have that if I had all other symptoms. I thought at first I just had the flu, but it won't go away. I'm going crazy! :) lol...so I'm taking a test in a little bit today...it might be too early but I can't wait anymore haha


Anni999 - September 21

I need some advice please.... we had unprotected s_x for the first time with my fiancee, on the second day of my period and on the 4thd day and he c_m inside me both times. My period alomost stoped on the 3rd day. Right the next day (the 5th day) i had those strong crampings on one side , more on the lower back, like pulsating cramps for a couple of hours. today i had on the same side but more in front. I also, completely not hungry and when i eat i feel strange, like food does not taste nothing. (usually i am enjoying eating and eat a lot). My stomach feells like it has knots in it, but i am not feeling sick or anything like that. Well, my b___sts are bit hearvy too, though it should go down right after my period. I do not know if i am imaginig things, but i thought there were no chanse of getting pregnant when on the period? Could it actually happen? I feel strange, cause i a__sured my fiancee that it was absolutely safe to have unprotected s_x. But i am happy if i got pregnant. The question is, is it possible i am at all?


NinaS82 - September 21

Hey Stephanie, I have the exact same symptoms as you and my AF if due on the 25-27. We will be poas together, haha. I havent has any b___st tenderness either but i am having all the other symptoms you mentioned. Dont get disappointed if you get a negative today as it may be too soon. Good luck to you and i hope we both get BFP!!!


Grandpa Viv - September 21

mi5, it sure sounds possible. Read the mIU/ml on the test - some are 25 and others 50. You may get lucky and get an early positive, but don't start to lose hope until you are a couple of weeks late. Anni, a__suming you did not get pregnant from s_x last cycle with an odd period being one sign, you are right in a__suming it is very unlikely for you to have gotten pregnant from s_x during your period this cycle, and if that were the case you would not feel signs for a week or two yet. Why don't you test first morning pee this weekend to check the last cycle possibility? Good luck!



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