Embarrassing Question Gramp Viv

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Embarassed - March 31

This is an embarrassing question but I know Grandpa Viv and others here seem quite knowledgable so please forgive me.. Ever since my teens I've been aware that I have very noticable 'folds' of skin that show under my "private part" pinky folds of skin. I've always felt quite embarrassed about it but have had a smear and other examinations and no nurses/doctors have said anything so it must be normal I guess but I was too embarrassed to ask what it is as they'd think I was really stupid to not know when I bet most women do know. I'm ttc and I've read people examining their cervix but how can I if I don't even understand my own body! I feel so stupid please someone advise me. I've talked about this to my husband and he says "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about just speak to the doc about it" but I feel so silly at my age to be so ignorant!


Embarra__sed - March 31

Anyone? I would really appreciate some advice.


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Perhaps what you are referring to is that your labia minora (inner lips) protrude beyond the labia majora (outer lips). I bet there are other women who relate to this, but not everyone. As to the cervix, just squat in the shower and with clean fingers and trimmed nails feel as deep into your v____a as you can go. You will find a bump there which most of the time feels like the tip of your nose. It is the entrance to the uterus through which sperm must pa__s on the way in, and through which the baby must pa__s on the way out. When a woman is close to delivery and they say "she's 3 centimeters dilated" they are referring to the opening of the cervix to allow pa__sage of the baby.


Embarra__sed - March 31

Thank you Grandpa Viv for your advice. I take it there's nothing to be concerned about then. It always bothered me a bit but before I just put it out of my mind as I think I was worried something was wrong with me! So what does your cervix feel like during pregnancy does it feel different to "usual"? I've read mixed reports on this. Thank you again so much for your help I do appreciate it, it's all very embarra__sing!


To embarra__sed - March 31

Sorry to be blunt but are u saying that u have an enormous c___t ? cos i do and i hate it ! Hubby never complained about it, but i feel embarra__sed anyway. I thought i was the one but im glad im not ! As for the cervix, im sorry i cant help u , because i am as confused as u are ! GL !



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