Embarrassing Quiestion

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sophie - February 18

my husband and i are ttc but the silly bugger went and had an "accident" playing football! basically his gifted area was damaged and baby dancing is quite painful for him to say the least! we really don't want to miss an opportunity though and so he's agreed to do it once during ovulation, which will be the 23rd. so basically, my question is this, if we only get to do it the once, which day would be best? bearing in mind this will be a night time BD as he has to be up fairly early for work of a morning. i was thinking perhaps the night before ovulation, the 22nd? thanks bunches! x


tiffani - February 18

Ouch! Poor hubby. If you have such a small window of opportunity, just to be safe, I would use a ovulation predictor kit. By doing this, it will pinpoint ovulation and you'll know that you had s_x at precisely the right time. The kits tell you when you are 24 hours from your "surge", which is when you are most likely to get pregnant. Have fun trying. :o)


Eve - February 18

So, when the "surge" is indicated by a positive line on the OPK, she should BD 24 hours after that?


Chriss - February 18

Sophie. Believe it or not, but the possibility of conceiving even if you "baby dance" just once, during ovultion is only about 15 - 20 percent. So is the pain that your husband may feel worth it, also he may not even be able to bust a move if he's in pain. Just a thought!


sophie - February 18

15 - 20 %!? well that's come as a bit of a shock! i thought during your ovulation the chances were much much higher! LOL @ busting a move! that's quite a good point actually. he only wanted to "troop on" regardless because of our belief a baby was pretty much guaranteed during OV! on that note, maybe we'll skip this month. tiffani, i'll definitely be trying your idea in march! i had no idea you could buy something like that. wonderful invention! thanks for all your input girls, good luck in your quest for a baby! x


tiffani - February 18

sophie~ I've read the statistics, but if you are healthy and fertile, I think the odds are much greater at conception. Buy the Ovulation Predictor Kit (found near pregnancy tests &condoms) and give it ago. It worked on the first attempt when I conceived my son. It really does pinpoint ovulation. When you buy them, spend the extra $$$ and get a box with atleast 5 tests, because you may not be ovulating when you think you are. If you do end up waiting until March, you can get them cheaper online.


~m~ - February 18

Ditto what tiffani said. On-line is the way to go! Every time I order OPK or HPT strips on-line, it only takes 3 days to get them! And they work! Last time I ordered, I got like 50 ovulation predictor strips for something like $32.50. Cheap!! And my hpt strips were something like $17 for 20 of them! Super cheap! Your poor hubby! I take it football is NOT in his near future...... especially without a cup! I feel sorry for him! Our little toddler barely grazes my hubby's "region", and you'd think it was Armageddon in his pants! The world has ended! LOL



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