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BrendaW - May 20

I was just wondering if any of you ladies had endometrioses and concieved normally, after a surgery with help or still trying and what your stories are.


nikki - May 20

Brenda, I have had endo for 11 years and currently have just had my second surgery. dh and i have just been ttc for two months. I am praying it will not push me back anymore. Good luck to you. Oh yeah-my mom had it for 15 years before the knew of something like this and still concieved my brother and i. It is very possible to do naturally. I think some that do have it have to try a little bit harder than others.


BrendaW - May 20

Yeah, I agree though a lot of people i have heard of usually get pg not long after a surgery or coming off of BC. My doc said it is "sub-fertility" .


kimholl28 - May 21

My friend has it and she has tried clomid for several times with no sucess. She had laproscopy about a year ago and they said all looked good. She is on clomid now but again not suceeding. I think it depends on how bad you have it. Good luck, not all women with this have the kind of problems she is having!!


linds99 - May 22

My aunt had endo and she tried for 5years to have a baby. Then the final month of the fifth year she said "I can't do this anymore, I'm done"...she got preggers. (And DH has low sperm count too.)


roxyttandme - May 26

I had a laproscopy 3 months ago. They found some endo. and got rid of it. The dr. told me it depends on how bad it is. And even if it is bad, it can be removed. There are always options with endo. Dont ever feel trapped. I know it hard, but keep the faith. I cried for weeks on end when I found out I "might" have it. Now looking back, that was not necessary. Not necessary cause after doing research and talking with my dr., there are so many things they can do to help women with endo get prego.. .Good luck! BABY DUST TO US ALLLLLL!!!!


BrendaW - May 26

Thank you guys for your replies


Jen - May 26

My mom had it and still had children. When I was 13 a doc said I was showing early signs of it but he said it was too early to tell. So I was on and off of bc for years. I am now 24 and when me and dh started ttc I let this doc know that there is a chance I had it and she said if I was not successful in conceiving and a year goes by then she would worry about it. Well four months later i got a bfp! She also said that sometimes a woman can have endo and not know it, but that getting pregnant and having the baby will make the endo go away on its own. I am not sure how that works. Good luck.


Saird - May 26

Girls, just curious, what are signs of endo?



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