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calimom - July 12

Well ladies, it is official...I wont be getting pregnant anytime soon. I went to see my dr, after my last painful period and my md is preety convinced I have endo, and/or adhesions. Either way I am scheduled to have laprascopic surgery on Aug 22. I am very scared I will never be able to conceive again. after the laprascopic surgery, my md says we will re-evaluate the situation. does anybody have any words of encouragement, know anyone who anyone who got preg after laprascopcic surgery for endo. can you help? I would appreciate any help. Thanks


sarahd - July 12

Hi Calimom, Don't give up hope! I found out I had endo at 17, however, despite all my BRUTAL pain and periods, I only had a TINY patch on my uterus - the weird thing w/endo is that the symptoms you experience don't always correspond to the severity of the disease you had. Long story short, it's apparently not likely to affect my fertility, but my doc advised me to try young. Well here I am - 24 and ttc! Not doing this b/c of doc's recommendation, just worked out that way. So hopefully she's right and I'll conceive soon (it's only my first month trying). Also, many women with bad endo conceive very soon after they have surgery to get their endo cleaned up. Do you know what type of surgery your doc will do if you do have endo? I.e. lasering, excision, etc.


Seredetia - July 13

Well, my mother has endometriosis...and, well, I'm here and she's going to be a grandma soon. LOL. Also, she was 34 when she had me, so she wasn't a spring chicken! Never give up hope! They told my mother that she was infertile because of it...yeah, okay. She also has a uterus that is backwards AND upsidedown (well, she HAD one...just had a hysterectomy at 58). LOL. If she can have kids, then I wouldn't rule out the possibilities!!


bj - July 13

Hey, calimon. I had a laparoscopy last October. I have stage 4 endometriosis, and I also had adhesions. Also with PCOS. After my surgery, my doctor put me on some shots called Lupron. It is supposed to help get any endo that the doctor may not have seen. Anyway, I was on that for about 5 months. Long story short, I am happy to announce that I am now 8 weeks pregnant!! Please don't give up hope. There was a day I thought I would never be here, but here I am. If I can get pregnant with stage 4 endo, adhesions, and PCOS, you better believe it can happen to you. I know every doctor is different with how they treat something, but I had my surgery in October, and I got pregnant in May. Don't give up hope. I hope this gives you some encouragement. Good luck. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


calimom - July 13

Thanks for all your help, it did encourage me. I already have been blessed with a wonderful ds, so I am not going to be devastated but I would be upset not to be able to have another beautiful child. Sarah D my dr will do laser, and sc___pe if he needs to. We are meeting to discuss all my options re. the surgery next Thursday. again thanks for the help. by the way bj-congrats have a happy healthy nine months


BrendaW - July 13

I know plenty of people who have gotten pg after lap surgery. Actually, you have a better chance of getting pg after the surgery. As long as the endo isnt blocking your tubes or on your ovary. Sometimes the most painful endo, really isnt much in there. Mine was on some nerve and some other spots and they cut it out. I have had surgery for it twice. I took Lupron but it didnt do me any good and i wish i hadnt of taken it. I think you should start trying to concieve again after the lap. I wish you the best of luck.


AmyB - July 13

you know it is actually very rare that endo causes infert_tlity i think in like 20% of the cases and usually the doc can go in and remove some scar tissue from your tubes or wherever thats blocking the entry of the sperm so that you can become pg...i would not get too scared...my friend has severe endo and she has had 3 kids...they have to be c section but they are here and healthy so keep your head up!



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