Endometriosis And PG

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CeCe - December 13

Has anyone experience pregnancy with endometriosis? If so, did you have those horrible cramps and some bleeding during that time?


G - December 14

Hi, my sister has endometriosis, she also has two children. If I remember correctly, my sister was pretty much pain/blood free througout her pregnancy!


Leahp - December 14

Hi CeCe! My good friend has had endometriosis for years, and she was actually feeling her best while she was pregnant, she now wishes she was pregnant again just so she wouldn't be in pain, Good Luck!!!


CeCe - December 14

Thanks ladies! Just the thought of having all that pain and unable to take pain medicine had me very worried. Especially when alot of the women on this board continues to have a period during their Pg.


michelle - August 18

i am pregnant now in my first trimester and i suffer from endometreosis and i have some severe craming, i hope it disappears.


Deb - August 18

Michelle..how soon did you start having the cramps when you conceived? I am only 2 DPO and am having cramps.


niknik - August 18

michelle are you just cramping or do you also get your period with these cramps while you are obviously pregnant?


K - August 18

I have endo. & am TTC. I hope it works.. I get so nervous that I won't be able to conceive. I've only been trying for about 3 months though. I have heard from my doctor and many other ladies that having a baby/being pregnant is what will help the Endo.


CeCe - August 18

Hi ladies, My endo pain is horrible! I have never taken the lupron injections which is suppose help stop the pain because I am trying to conceive(9 months) K, I also worry about conceiving. I am 37 and never been pregnant. My husband and I are still hopeful that we will be blessed soon. Michelle thats really scary to still be in pain! What are you taking to deal with it? Baby dust to you all.


AM - August 18

Hi. I agree with you K, we are ttc too. Its our 3rd month too and I have endo too. I worry also. I am on day 26 of my cycle so just waiting to see what happens. I had a blood test to measure CA125 and Progestrone. Hvae you had a laproscopy?


K - August 18

AM, yes I have had a laproscopy about 2 & 1/2 years ago when I was diagnosed. It helped for a little while then my periods are still heavy & crampy. I was on Lupron on and off for a year & a half. THAT is what helped because I wasnt getting periods. But now I'm just living through them. AF just arrived today actually after being a week late =/


AM - August 18

To K. How are you feeling today, its not a nice feeling when that ugly aunty comes round. How many months have you been trying?


Jen - August 18

CeCe my gyno said that if a woman becomes pregnant and has endometriosis that the endometriosis goes away a lot of the time.


K - August 18

I've been trying about 3 months.


Terri - August 18

Hi. I have had endo. was diagnosed 2 years ago, had surgery, tried to get pg with clomid and IUI and no luck. we are back to tyring on our own bc of insurance. Good luck. PS i have no pain since my surgery over a year ago!


Jenni - August 19

When you are pregnant the symptoms of endo are meant to disapear due to the endo lining is not being produced because of no period (or something like that!). So you shouldnt have any problems when pregnant.


AM - August 19

Has any one got a nice story about having endo and falling pregnant. We need some rea__surance.



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