Endometriosis Complteley Confused

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Mary - May 14

Hi everyone, my story is that I havn't had period since end od January and I did have unprotected (withdrawal method) s_x. Irregular periods are nothing new to me I had them before but what was new is how I feel for the past 4 weeks...My belly became larger (lower part) and I can hardly fit in my loosest jeans. I feel nausea everyday but it is not morning sickness rather second half of the day one. I had reaction to smell but now it is much more better, I feel sick in the bus, I can't lay down on my stomach anymore it is uncomfortable, I am not having good sleeps and before I had apathy for the food but now I feel hungry very quickly...My veins are prominent on the br___ts but br___t doesn't hurt it is soar sometimes and has some montgomery bumps...I don't remember having spotting and I don't have any discharge. My abdomen pains also when I sit especially. And this awful acidic taste in my mouth....My doctor confused me saying it might be PCOS, but I read about it and my symptoms do not resemble it at all. My hpts are negative, my hCG level in the blood is below 2.0 which is considered negative. I am going crazy here I read about many diseases and now I think if it not pregnancy then it is rather endometriosis. But I couldn't find info that person with this disease has missed periods, only that AFs are more painful. Could someone who had endometriosis or knows someone post here their experience. How it felt like and is it similar with pregnancy signs? Thank you and sorry for long message...


louise - May 14

endometriosis is a disease which gets better with pregnancy. its hardeer to get pregnant and i have heard its much more painful during the first trimester, however it heals a bit during pregnancy. i would probably think you are pregnant so i would go and see your gp as soon as possible


Victoria - May 14

I have endometriosis. I had some surgury to remove it last June. I never missed a period just had pains all of the time. I am now 3 months late for af with some signs of being pregnant BUT all of my tests are comming back negative.


Tania - May 14

Thank you so much for your responses. Victoria I wish you good luck with possible pregnancy...


Tania - May 14

Like Mary I was wondering the same thing I also didn't have period since March and feel pregnant but all negatives just drive me crazy!!! Endometriosis is kind of scary disease...


nat - May 15

p.s. its almost impossible apparently to get a positive test when pregant i think. try a blood test or scan if possible


Sara - May 18

NAT- so your saying that it is harder to get a positive pregnancy test when a person has endometriosis? If so, that gives me some hope that I may be pregnant.


Ann - May 18

I've had endo for about 7 years now. I never missed a period but they were more painful so I was put on Depo. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!! I did not have a cycle for over 5 years and coming off of it was nuts. I like some of you also may be pregnate but all home tests come back negative. I have since learned that women who have Endo and take a home test will almost always come up negative b/c their hormones are already out of wack the only way to really tell is go to your dr and have a blood test done.



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