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SICK OF IT - March 2

We are all so sick of this psycho going around just spreading nothing but her own misery. So how about we ostracize her ass! Obviously she desperately craves attention of any kind. So rather than give her this negative reinforcement, let's just completey IGNORE her sick and obsessive behavior. She may not go away, but at least she'll feel left out!! Oh, what a funny mental image....... her at her computer getting p___sed off and pounding keys because nobody will talk to her. I can just see her now in this thread frantically trying to get SOMEONE... ANYONE to argue back. But no more ladies! Let's just ignore her completely no matter what vile sludge she manages to type! Who's in?????????


Caila - March 2

Good idea. But what does she call herself?


SugarPie - March 2

Who are you talking about? That Nancy nut?


SICK OF IT - March 2

Yes, nancy/nickollette/......../ whatever other personality she comes up with!


Caila - March 2

hey yawl go on the one that ssays to nikki and caila form isitababy and see if thats her plz! thanks


SICK OF IT - March 2

I think it sounds like this person. Whether it is "nancy" or not, don't know, but this "....." person showed up right after nancy/nickollette went away. Coincidence? Anyway, I say we just ignore any and ALL troublemakers and b___hes.


SugarPie - March 2

Caila, I just realized that sounded mean. I wasn't trying to be mean. I was just trying to point out that the person writing to you was isolated. Nancy isn't isolated at all. She's just crazy. Hope that makes sense!!!


Amanda A - March 2

Yeah, I'm in. I'm sick of seeing all of the gargage she dishes!


lyla - March 2

Well as long as you all don't get her mixed up with me.......well actually that could never happen because Im sweet as could be!


Jenna - March 2

Thank you ladies! I really appreciate the start of this thread. I was the person who spelt Grandpa Viv's name incorrectly, for this I do apologize. I am sure that Grandpa Viv understands and forgives my mistake. I must have been just a little too concerned and wrapped up in my question that I didn't pay close enough attention. I can not stand all the negativity and find it very toxic! I wish everyone the best and pray for those who have nothing better to do than cause grief!


?????? - March 2

Jenny hun, I think you posted under the wrong thread.


???? - March 2

Oops! Meant Jenna



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