Enter At Your Own Risk 11

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Tonigirl - March 20

Okay...if everyone has tried the warming liquid...has anyone tried the cooling liquid??? DH and I love it...so we suggested a friend and her husband try it...they did and were like...hmmm...oooo...aaaww...ugh...can you feel anything down there??? No, I can't FEEL anything...I THINK I'VE GONE NUMB!!!! She called me screaming into the phone that her nuni had frozen off and how long would it be until she could use it again. She said that his frank and beans were very; numb but that the feeling was coming back to the frank, BUT NOT THE BEANS!!! She was like, "IS HE EVER GONNA FEEL DONE THERE AGAIN!?!?!" I was totally laughing my head off at her! We'd never had THAT feeling, but I knew what she was talking about...it does feel like a perpermint breeze down there and you gotta get if off right away when your down or you start to shiver...but I didn't think I felt numb! HA!


brads wifey - March 20

ohhh I'm gonna have to go get that cooling liquid. It sounds like something I bought from a Fun Party awhile back .. hmm makes me wonder what happened to it lol


Jezebel - March 20



Jezebel - March 20

as for the ER if you think about it, all they have to come up with is ANYTHING that would require an xray and then they could get their test...melissa i dont know how you dont crack heads.


sqv3 - March 20

Well guys, I THINK I started my period. About two hours ago my lower back started to hurt pretty bad (not common for mwah), and then I went pee pee and there was some light brown. There are three good things about this though, 1. I decided to temp today! 2. It was a regular cycle (except for the spotting in the middle). 3. I don't have to wonder, "Am I???" for the next million days until my af decides to show. Anyways, I'm starving!


Jezebel - March 21

ah d__n af sqv but youre right though, at least it was normal :)


Jezebel - March 21

..............cricket...............donde esta everyone??


MelissaP - March 21

Morning girls. How is everyone?


sqv3 - March 21

Ya, start 12 cuz my computer takes a while to load the page now. So you always have a hard time with your af? I'm usually pretty lucky and just get mild symptoms. Actually I just took an extraordinarily long shower and I feel WAY better. Don't people usually go on the pill to help endo? Obviously that wouldn't be ideal for you since you're ttc! I've got to finish doing my hair, which takes way too long. I hope you feel better Jez and everyone have a good weekend!!!



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