Equate Brand Drama

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Jennifer - May 5

I thought I was pregnant. So sure in fact that I have been taking two tests a week for the past 4 weeks. All the equate double pack from Wal-mart. All negative. Took one last night and it was negative. Took one first thing this morning and an hour later it has a very faint line on it. Evaporation? The same tests for the past 4 weeks have never had a line even after setting out all night long. Not one. Is this one test defective. I don't know what to think. Thanks.


Kris - May 5

Jennifer, I have had an evaportation line with equate before. I actually read an article about it. It has been a problem with Equate, but they have worked to make it better. Does your line go all the way across? Mine was only half way. The true positive I had with equate was also very faint, b/c I was 5 days before period. This line, however went all the way accross. Try one more test and don't read it after the time stated on the instructions.. (is it 10 min or 20? I can't remember)


stacey - May 5

On www.peeonastick.com, they say not to trust a pos that happened after the given time (10 min usually). Apparently the girl that runs the site did that once and turned out she really wasn't pregnant.


Jessy - May 5

Yeah like they said..read it as soon as possible..I can get the results as soon as the pee is absorbed completely into the cloth inside the plastic reading window..it's like any other testing strip for pools etc...it's cloth w/the chemicals needed inside it to mix w/the pregnancy hormone and change to the color you need to tell what it is..do what i do..just sit there and stare at it until somthing happens..hehe..but if equate seems to come up the same all the time...get somthing else...still the same? Maybe it's telling the truth


hi - May 5

first jennifer, if you think your pregnant,wait till you miss your period,that is the most ovious sign,you are taking toooo many test,they are all going to say negative,the pregnancy hormone is the strongest in the morning,thats why first morning urine is the best,,if your your that concerned or anxious that your pregnant,get an early pregnany teat,most equate and off brand are 50 miu,that meand it has to detect that much,you will have to be about 4 or sooo weeks pregnant for it tooo come up positive,unless you buy one that are 15 to 25 miu,do not read the test are the time it say some say 3 min,some say wait a full 10 min,that why women get evaporation linea


erica - May 5

The $ dollar tree test are much better.



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