Evap Lines Common With Cheapie Internet Test Strips

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tritty - May 31

Since April I've been on the ride of my life. I was on birthcontrol, not TTC and had a 3 day light, abnormal period. missed my period this month and i am now a little over 2 weeks late (if i consider the first 3 day period as an actual AF, which I don't think it was) Anyhow, I've been testing like crazy because i have a ton of symptoms but a lot of BFN's. So i bought the cheapie test strips on the internet because i've heard they are good. how common are evap lines? I just tested 3 times in a row and got a very faint second line on all 3 in less than 5 minutes. is that too long or do you think i'm pregnant? just looking for some advice! Thank you!


Emma2 - May 31

Evaporating lines do happen but 3 in a row sounds unlikely. I would suggest you stop the testing for a couple of days and test with FMU. Sound like a BFP to me.


tritty - May 31

when i saw the first test i didn't believe it so the next time i had to "go" i tested again and the same with the third....the problem is that i don't really have a fmu. my whole life i've consistenly woken up about 4 or 5 times a night to go to the bathroom (every hour or two) and sometimes i hold it more during the day. i was wondering if frequent urination may be a reason why it has taken so long to get a bfp. i think i'll take your advice and not test for a day or two. i'll let you know what the results are. thanks for the input!


annie24 - May 31

i would def say you are pregnant.i bought those cheap tests off internet and i got really really faint lines for about 4 days(thought they were evap lines as they were cheap) and then wham a big thick dark line.im now 15weeks preg.good luck!!


tritty - May 31

thanks for the comments and support. i did as i said and i went to the drug store RIGHT away and bought three different types of tests. I got EPT Certanty (digital), Clear Blue Easy digital, and First Reponse (regular), they all gave me a BFP in under a minute. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THIS! It's a total shock, completely unplanned, but I couldn't be happier. I'm still shaking and I just got done with the tears :) Thanks again and baby dust to all.... i think i'm gonna announce this one on a new thread!


annie24 - June 1

hey big congratulations!!!!! hope you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!! good luck



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