Evaporation Line

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MonaT - December 31

Evaporation line? What is that? and when do u see an evaporation line on the HPT.


Deb - December 31

An evaporation line is a faint line that shows up on a pregnancy test, usually after the recommended time limit. It is usually greyish, and sometimes confuses people into thinking it is a positive pregnancy test. When you are testing, you should not read the test after 10 minutes or you could be seeing an evaporation line. Don't get confused, if the line is there within the first 10 minutes, it is a positive, but if there is no line until after 10 minutes, it is an evaporation line. Go visit www.peeonastick.com and you can read more information and see pictures of evaporation lines. Hope this helps!


SuzieQ - December 31

Beware the dreaded evap line... I have gotten two so far in the past two months - which gave me high hopes. One was on a walmart cheapie (shoulda known, I know) and it was a really wierd looking line. And first response I received an evap line, which was quite visible (my partner saw it too!) Anyways, good luck and wait until you get a STRONG line if you can :)


Deb - January 1

I had several false positives with first response that my dh could see as well. I don't trust them or recommend them to anyone. Plus, I don't believe that very many women get an accurate reading four days before their expected period. When I got pregnant, I tested every day from 8 dpo to 12dpo with first response and internet cheapies. At 12dpo I got what looked like a positive on the first response but I didn't believe it, so I used the internet cheapy and got a very very faint line. I then decided to try a clearblue digital and it said "pregnant". If you don't want to have to worry about the evap line or faint line, the digital is the way to go. It either says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so there is no guessing, and for me it was as sensitive as both the other tests. You can get a pack of 2 tests for 9.99 at wal-mart.



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