Evening Primrose Oil When TTC

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J. - November 2

Hello Ladies.... Well, I went out and bought some evening primrose oil capsules. Does anyone know the recommended dosage? I've read a couple of different ways. Please, if anyone takes this, what dosage do you follow? I've read twice daily(500 mg each=1000/day) and I've also read 1500 mg to 3000 mg daily. Also, is it correct to take it only from 1st day of menstrual period through ovulation day and continue again next menstrual period?? Any feedback would definitely help....thanks.


J. - November 2



?? - November 2

I'd like to know the answer to this exact same question. J. is right, please any feedback would help. Thanks all.


Melissa - November 2

J. I was told to take 2 500mg capsules 2x/day. I was warned not to take it after ovulation though because it can cause uterine cramps. Hope that helps. Good luck!


? - November 3

What is it supposed to do for us?


Deb - November 3

Yes, do not take it after ovulation. Evening primrose oil is supposed to increase your cm so that the sperm have a better chance of making it in. Just some advice from me, I was taking it for several months, then I started reading about eating for my blood type to help conception. It said that evening primrose was bad for my blood type (type O) and that I should avoid it. I switched to flax oil (which I don't think works like EPO) and now one month later, I'm now pregnant. Just thought I would let you know that it may not be for everyone. I'm sure it was hindering me from getting pregnant instead of helping me.


Melissa - November 3

That's really great to know Deb...thanks. I have that book but it's been sitting on a shelf for a long time. I am for sure going to bring it out tonight and see if I've been doing stuff wrong. I'm A type blood so I'll have to check if it's bad for me too. Thanks again!



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