Every Night Or Every Second Night

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Shannon - March 17

I was just wondering what every ones thoughts were on how often you should have s_x when TTC. I have been told to only do it every second night to give the sperm a chance to come back. But so far this method hasn't worked for me. All of my friends who have gotten pregnant just had s_x all the time. What do you all think? How did you get pregnant? By having s_x every second night or every night? Thanks!


fathima - March 17

well depends? does ur partner have infertility problems then u have to do the on/off night method. If not feel free to have as much s_x as u can! Specialist only recommend that method for couples whose male partner has a low sperm rate! hope this helps


emily - March 17

God knows!!!!! lol. I´d say whenever. others seem to get pregnant doing it once a month and not finishing!!! haha. I think we could actually implant the egg with sperm by hand and we wouldnt get pregnant!!!! hahah


HB - March 17

Shannon...I agree with Fathima, but I have also read that it's good to have s_x in the mornings too, because the sperm count is usually the highest then. You might try to go to google.com & type in "Tips for getting pregnant". I got some interesting advice from that! Good luck!


chriss - March 17

If you are timing ovulation correctly than having s_x every second day for 3-4 days leading up to and including the day of ovulation should work, but hey if you can have s_x every day for 5-6 days, then go for it! They say that you you shouldn't get out of bed for the first ten minutes or so after s_x and to keep your hips elevated (not standing on your head elevated though) and I also had s_x both in the mornings and at night, so mornings are good too. These things worked for me. Good luck!!!


Shannon - March 17

Thank you so much ladies! I didn't know that the "every second night" was meant for men with low sperm counts. We have been trying for a little over a year and we haven't went to the Doctor yet so I'm not sure if my hubby has a low sperm count or not. I believe this month though I will just try every night... who knows that might work! Thanks again!



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