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Suzanne - August 30

Last month, my husband and i began trying to conceive. My always regular period was 12 days late and i experienced some odd pregnancy type symptoms, but neg. tests. My AF returned and i was left feeling a bit bewildered. I am wondering how many of you ladies have experienced the same phenomenon. What type of symptoms did you have and how late were your AFs? I'm beginning to think that this is an actual condition! Thanks!


Jen - August 30

Last month I had symptoms. I ws in the bathroom peeing every 30 minutes,my b___bs were killing me, I was eating everything in sight. AF was 5 days late and then BOOM she was here. This month I took a different approach to TTC and I am charting my temps. I have never done this B4 so, Im hoping it works for me. I apparently ovulated on CD 17 so im now 3DPO and my temps are steadily rising. But im not reading too much into it for fear of making my body beleive Im pregnant. Good luck to you and lots of Baby Dust!!


bean - August 30

Suzanne - did you recently stop using some sort of perscription birth control? That can really mess up your cycle for a few months.


SA - August 30

Hi Suzanne- just a question. Was your af very heavy with more cramping than usual? The reason I am asking is my doctor informed me of a "early" miscarriage. One that cannot be detected on a pregnancy test. This is very , very common so please do not be upset or read to much into it. I had a "early" miscarriage and now it is month 4 in TTC. Also, I think that stress does affect our cycles more than we know. I was frustrated but now I am trying so hard to distract myself and hope for the best. You would be surprised of how many women experience this. Take care and Baby Dust to all of you ladies.


Suzanne - August 30

Hey all. I had been off of birth control for four months with regular periods. An early miscarriage is definitely a possibility, although i don't recall any cramps that were worse than normal. It's funny. You don't think you are stressing about it at all, but apparently your body thinks so. I will see what happens on the 9/4. Thanks for the info everyone.


Annette - August 30

i have been ttc for 25 months, and this last month was my 2nd clomid cycle. i had charted my temps for the 1st time last month. i did have a steady high temps for 18 dpo, and i had back pain, gasiness, pressure in the bladder and thirsty. i gefinitely thought i was pg, but my tests were -ve. but on the 19th day, the wicked AF came in full swing.. i dont know if i had any chemical pregnancy, but af did come.


Ashleigh - August 30

The last 2 months my periods have been more than 2 weeks late and negative test as well....no conclusion....just maybe my cycle is changing?!?



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