EWCM Before AF Is It Over For Me

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lawgirl29 - March 12

Babydreams I'm sorry to hear about AF! Have fun on your cruise though! I still have no sign of AF and I'm out of tests. So I'm just going to wait a few days and then maybe I'll buy some more tests or break down and buy a new thermometer. I've been SO constipated though and thats been making me bloated blah! I'll keep you updated!


LadyD - March 13

Sorry to hear about the BFNs ladies but there is still hope, even if it isn't for this month. I am due for af tomorrow and have sore b___bs and have ewcm, which are signs of af. Guess it's not my month, either. Good luck to all!


joannie - March 18

well af still hasnt shown for me and my temps are way back up. I have been soooooo tired today I actually took a 2 hour nap today that was after I got sick to my stomach and felt as though I was going to faint. Oh yea almost forgot I have had thick cm with a very almost unnoticable pink tinge to it only when I wipe for two days. Not any thing like af. Is it possible that I o alot later than thought and now am having implantation or early pg bleeding. I am 26-28 DPO.( i think)


fara - March 18

hi Joannie.have u tested?


Jjeffers - March 23

Hi, im curious about your outcome Joanne. I read almost all the pages in this thread since im experiancing ewcm at 16dpo, im suppose to start AF tomorrow. Negative test today though. I even had heartburn, more like acid reflux and nausea for 3 days and thats just weird because i chalk most symptoms up as high progestrone since it can mimic pregnancy, but never had that before during the lutheal phase and when i was pregnant in the past it didnt hit me until at least 6 weeks into it. I have really insane cycles. My body likes to gear up for ovulation and fail often, but it does tend to ovulate every cycle still, it just takes 21 to 49 days usually. I dont recall ever having ewcm before my period either, im always dry down there and my cervix would be low, and firm and kinda hard to get my finger in, sorry if that last part was tmi, and i have little tiny fingers lol. But its high and medium today. No nausea or heartburn at this point today. Joanne, are you positive you ovulated? As i said how my body likes to gear up and fail for ovulation, i will get positive opk's and ewcm, my temp will go up for a few days confirming ovulation but then it drops back down for a few days, below cover line on fertility friends charting system, which means i didnt ovulate when my body tried to. Even with me not having cycles for as long as 3 years to as frequent as 2 weeks apart, i never once went longer than 18dpo without a period. Those 3 years and other times i went a couple years or several months without a period were because my body refused to ovulate. But every time once it ovulated i would always start my period in 11 to 18 days at the most after my period.


Jjeffers - March 23

Sorry, i dont know why that posted twice.


Jjeffers - March 23

Im curious about anyone else's outcomes so far who havent updated recently on what happened.



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