EWCM Day B4 Af

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~maddie~ - April 21

hey ladies.af due tomorrow and ive got ewcm,does this mean anything? also do you get ewcm during pregnancy-is it a sign?


Dawn - April 21

Hi Maddie...yes, it means pregnancy! I just got my BFP today and I've had that for about a week. My AF was due on Tuesday. Good luck!


erica - April 21

Are you sure dawn. Because my af it's due in 6 days. And I'm having alot of cm. white, clear, and very confused.


jena - April 21

erica - you could be ovulating late....


? - April 21

what is excm??


j - April 21

egg white cervical mucus


~maddie~ - April 22

thanks dawn,and congratulations on BFP,im due today so still waiting to see whats going to happen! does ewcm continue through pregnancy??


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Clear or creamy discharge often starts early and usually increases with time. It is supposed to be a cleansing action of the v____a. Buy panty liners.


hey - April 22

can creamy clear discharge also be a sign of period? Or is period discharge different?


~maddie~ - April 23

thanks granppa viv,still no show of af,so hopefully this is the month for me.


Dawn - April 23

Hi Erica & Maddie...I also had it 6 days before like you're having, so keep your fingers crossed! Maddie, I still have ewcm, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and it's picking up in quant_ty.


~maddie~ - April 23

thanks dawn,still no sign of af but have a feeling im getting excited over nothing! were you ttc and if so how long for?


dawn - April 23

Hi Maddie. I wasn't religously trying to conceive, but have been off bc for about 5 months now. Yep, I'd say it looks good for you! I didn't get a BFP until af was 3 days late. Good luck!


~maddie~ - April 23

im going to wait a couple of days before i test to avoid dissapointment(or at least delay it!!)ive been ttc for 5 months too.


jj - April 23

I am also having ewcm. I'm pretty sure af is due tomorrow. I also have more discharge than usual. It's white and creamy, but I tested on Thurdaya and today and I got a BFN. I have no symptoms other than the discharge. Do you think there's still a possibility that I may be pregnant?


~maddie~ - April 24

jj id say wait until you have missed your af by a few days before testing,i think you tested to early,good luck.


vanessa - April 24

Hi ~maddie~ I am due for af today or tomorrow (cd 34 or 35) and I just noticed this morning that I had ewcm when wiping. Dh and I only had s_x a couple of times this month so a pregnancy would be a surprise but I'm thinking it's just my af slowly starting. I just thought it was timely to read your post today since this is EXACTLY what's happening to me this morning! I hope you are and get your BFP!!!! I just found out yesterday that my close girlfriend is newly pregnant so maybe my body is having sympathy signs!!! ;) *****Dust*****



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