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SLeiggs - November 6

We have been trying to get pregnant since May with no success. Earlier this week my br___t began to hurt to the touch. I have very weird feelings in the pit of my stomach, some cramping. I'm kinda gas-y with minimal heartburn. The worst symptom is the excessive saliva. I carry a cup b/c it's so bad. Also, I wake-up throughout the night. My hubby wants a baby so badly that it's stressing me. The first day of my last period was 10/17. We've been having some problems and only had s_x on 10/22, 10/23, and 10/30. Am I pregnant?


Viv - November 6

Wow! 10/30 would have been perfect. The day before ovulation is the highest probability (I'm a__suming a 28 day cycle). Four days later you have the beginnings of early symptoms, sufficiently before your regular period that we should not confuse this with PMS. Breast sensitivity and cramping, with gas and heartburn as progesterone affects the intestine and esophagus. Excess saliva is a distinctive but not frequently reported symptom - goes along with that metallic taste sometimes. Is the waking up through the night related to more frequent urination? I think this is sufficiently encouraging that you should start taking prenatal vitamins, and buy a home pregnancy test while you are at the counter. I wouldn't be using the test until a week after your next scheduled period (try sooner if you are rich and impatient). Please come back to this thread and report on your success.


SLeiggs - November 11

Thanks Viv... I am so excited!!! I took a pregnancy test which was neg - but I know that it is too early. I haven't missed my period yet. It's due any day now. I have a doctors appointment on Monday. I'll keep you posted.


am - November 11

Hi SLeiggs, it seems that i am in the exact same boat as you! The first day of my last period was also 10/17. I am hoping for the best!!!!!!!!!! We've been trying to get pregnant since February. I have some of the same symptoms as you do, although I suppose they could also be PMS. I am hoping for the best for both of us!!!!!! Good Luck!!


am - November 11

I am so happy for you. This waiting is driving me crazy, but I faith that I really am. I just left a co-workers baby shower and alll I could think about is a baby. Do you have excess salvia all day or are there peak times? I have it in the morning and when I think about food. I have also developed insomnia and extreme mood swings.


am - November 11

I can't handle the waiting very well either!!!! Oh well, can't do much about it. I haven't noticed any excess saliva myself. But I have developed some some disliking to certain foods (coffee, of all things!!!!!). I hope I am not just imagining this. For me it's sometimes hard to be around expecting mothers, as 4 of my sisters (in law) are. I, too, can only think of what my own baby would be like. But I pray everyday that it might happen for us too!!!!!! Keep me posted on what happens!


SLeiggs - November 11

When are you going to test? I just spoke to a friend that is more anxious than I am about the test. I love this website. It's full of Knowledgable women than can relate. I will pray for you and me.


am - November 11

I am glad I found this website! Everyone is so supportive! If I don't get my period by Sunday, then I will buy a test on Monday! Can't wait 'till then! I will also pray for you. When will you test again? I don't want to test just yet, to avoid dissappointment.


veronica - November 11

Hi, my last period was Oct. 13 and I've had an upset stomach every evening (and some of the day) for the past week. I'm not positive when I should a__sume my period is due since last month I was late and the month befor that I miscarried at 5 weeks (after one faint line test and heaps of symptoms). So this waiting for some date to try a THIRD test, the first two were early I know, is driving me to distraction. How do I keep my mind of the thousand times I have to do when everytime my stomach turns over I start wandering down the "what if road"? And any suggestions on when you think I should be officially late? My normal cycle lenght is 31 days but the ovulation test indicated that I was on a 28 day cycle. Any thoughts?


am - November 12

Hi Veronica, I hope everything works for you. Do you have any other symptoms? I know it's hard to wait and see if your period will come but I think it's best to relax. Sometimes when you're stressed out, your period stays away longer. My period should be arriving sometime this weekend, but I really hope that this time it will stay away!!! Do you have any other children? Let me know if anything happens!


veronica - November 12

Thanks am, my b___sts are sore and "firmer" belly as well as lots of gas. In broke down and tested this morning (-) since I not only went to sleep with an upset stomach but woke up with. I do have two boys,4 and 2, and am trying for that girl (or boy), happy with either. The first two pregs. I relied on the temp. but there was no way that would work with me forever getting up to fix covers and scare boogie men away. I really just need to know so I can focus on the essay that's due Mon. (I'm returning to school after leaving design), also I want a little justification for feeling green for no reason! I just used the last test and will try to force myself NOT to buy another. Waiting sucks! Good Luck for you though.


am - November 12

I just got my period this morning, so no luck for me this time! Hopefully, next time. I am a little dissappointed, but I'm sure time will come. Wish you all luck!


Karen - November 13

Oh my - everyone will be due the same day with the same story! My period - started 10/17, we tried on 10/26 and 10/30 and I have all of the same symptoms and started light brown spotting . We've been trying forever so trying not to get the hopes up. I've been waking up with saliva down my face and on the pillow and that's never happened in my lifetime. Weird dreams too. I've also been dizzy a few times in the last few days. It must look funny carrying a cup around! You'll be able to tell that story forever! My urine test is also neg. but it's too early. We'll all find out next week!


Sleiggs - November 13

I didn't respond yesterday, because I was in the emergency room. Sharp and unbearable pain. Once I got there the UPT was (-). The nurse seem a little suspect and a__sured me that the hospital pregnancy test was the best and most accurate on the market. Once I saw the doctor, she notice that I had excessive saliva and ordered a BHCG-Quant which was (+). I was indeed miscarrying. I am so sad right now... I feel like I am slipping into depression. We were so close and the awful thing is that I still have the sypmtoms.


Sleiggs - November 13

I am so sorry am. I really wish that I had not gone to the hospital. Knowing that I was pregnant, based on the BHCG-Quant, makes it difficult with me to deal with.


am - November 13

I am so sorry to hear that, Sleighs. I can imagine it must be very hard for you. Sometimes you don't understand why things happen the way they do. I hope that next time things will work out for you. I will keep praying for you. I hope your symptoms will go away. Try not to focus on getting pregnant all the time. That's what I used to do, and everytime my period came, I broke down and cried. Time will come...Try to relax. I wish you all the best.


Veronica - November 13

SLeiggs, I am so sorry for your loss. I know where you are coming from. I miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks 2 months ago. The only possitive test I had was an early faint line. By the time I went for the confirmation, a few days later, I didn't register. The worst is that I think I can pinpoint exactly when I lost it. Would you believe it was because I stregtched? I felt the pang. Since then my period was and now I'm late again. And so confused. Your in my prayers, I hope you fast luck with next time.



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