Excessive Salivation Anyone Know About This

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Paula - March 7

I think i have this, its much more than normal. I also have headaches, lightheaded and nausia. What causes this if indeed i am pregnant? Anyone know or have had this?


bp - March 7



naomi - March 7

Hi Paula, I had if for the 2 weeks before I was due, it started as a dry throat, then I got the Excessive saliva. I was also I little light headed. I am 4 weeks pregnant. I am sorry I am not sure what causes it. It sounds like you could be pregnant. Good luck


Grandpa Viv - March 7

Progesterone affects the mucus membranes. You can get runny nose and excess saliva. Good luck!


DEDE - April 8

I had excessive saliva for the whole pregnancy. I was also nauseated to the point that it was difficult to move, eat, even drink water. All those symptoms went away after birth, but for 8 months I had to spit my saliva into plastic bags or kleenexes because swallowing it made me feel even sicker. After birth, it all went away.


Michelle ( Australia) - April 9

Hi Paula, I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have excessive saliva too. The book I am reading states it is from excess saliva, goes with morning sickness too. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick because of this.It gets worse after eating I find.


Tina - April 9

I have had a very runny snuffly nose for the last 10 days but do not have a cold. I am a regular 28/29 day cycle machine and am now on day 35 with slight cramping but no sign yet of AF? Am 38 and ttc for 3 years. I think one can become over sensitive and paranoid to the body when one wants to be pg and this results in self doubt about physical symptoms. Any feedback really appreciated - I tested bfn Thursday and am just too scared of disappointment to test again? Help!


L - April 9

I get this too, especially at night or in the morning. Not too bad though and it pa__ses quickly. Its actually this that cause me to feel nauseas as opposed to the other way around. Does n e one else have it this way too?



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