Excessive Thirst Is This A Sign

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kim - December 6

In the past 2 days I can't seem to drink enough water, and no matter how cold it is, it tastes almost stale... just wondering if this could be an early pregnancy sign? I am hoping to test on Saturday... AF is supposed to rear her ugly head on Sunday. Thanks,


elyse - December 6

i felt the same way about a week ago. I woke up six or seven times in the middle of the night and absolutely chugged down cold water and it never satisfied me, the weird thing is that after all that I didn't have to pee or anything. I dont know if i preg yet tho. I'm taking a urine test 2morrow morning.


Steph - December 6

I'm 8.5 weeks right now and about three-four days before I got my bfp, I was constantly thirsty. Water and iced tea were what I mostly drank, and a lot of it! Good Luck to you!


kim - December 6

Thanks Steph... I am at that stage as well... in the past 20 mins I just chugged 1/2 a litre of water! Elyse... let me know how your test goes... I'm very curious!


CB - December 6

I have also been extremely thirsty...I can't seem to drink enough and I'm 3 days late. Don't know if I'm pregnant yet or not...I tested today and got a bfn...I'll test again tomorrow morning.


Jennifer - December 6

Im 17 weeks pregnant and i am extremly thirsty all the time...before I became pregnant i never really liked water but now it seems like I can't get enough on it! so i think excessive thirst is most definitly a sign...it was for me! good luck


kim - December 6

Thanks ladies... now I can't wait to test! My DH is going to think I'm obsessed... all I do is talk about when I can test and I really shouldn't until Sunday/ Monday... don't think I can wait that long, though!


Tracy - December 6

I have been so thirsty too and thought I was just crazy. I have tested way too early with an hpt and got ------ so I am trying to just be patient and wait for AF.


suzieQ - December 6

Yes! Last two times I was pregnant, I had the strongest fluid cravings! Water and juice only... Good luck ")


Av - December 7

Am hoping for no af on Saturday. I do have this craving and excessive thirst for water and i dont even feel any sore b___sts or any sign of the sort.Usually i feel sore in the b___sts just before af. Keeping my fingers-crossed for a bfp this weekend.


Mega - December 7

Hi Av. I'm in a very similar situation. My bbs usually would be quite sore/tender, this time nothing. No pain at all. I'm due for AF on Friday. I've also been pretty thirsty lately but that could also be due to my pretzel cravings. :) Anyway, I'll be eager to hear if you're pg this cycle. People tell me that anything unusual could be a sign. Here's hoping!



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